Relaxation to Resilience with Guy Louis

Relaxation to Resilience with Guy Louis

Guy has been working in education for over 30 years with Worlds of Music, and created this online program Relaxation to Resilience from one of his most popular live presentations.
Geared for K-3 kids, parents and teachers, this course distills the latest science into short videos that a child can understand. Each module contains a 5-minute lesson to introduce the module theme, and supporting short videos of songs, activities, movements, puppets and more. Bring your chimes, bells and any other instruments, as well as creative arts supplies to interact with Guy throughout the program. Learn together with your children the simple breathing & arts exercises that will help all ages relax, rest, focus attention, get to sleep at night, awaken with gratitude, see the good during the day, and more.

Module 1
Breathing is our #1 Tool

Learning to sit quietly and just notice our breathing = a simple breathing tool that helps us focus our attention - encouraged to use a chime and practice this with your children at appropriate times each day (see PDF journal for ideas) - see and hear the ukulele and the mandolin - enjoy three songs and play along - learn a stress-relief technique - make a cardboard ukulele - hear the story “In the Beginning” - why is daily self-care important?

Module 2
Breathing with Gratitude

What is it that you love and appreciate right now? - Building on just notice breathing we learn the deeper, slower technique of breathing with gratitude - learning to rest in our hearts, breathing with gratitude to get to sleep at night and to start the day - how the feeling of gratitude is very close to the feeling of peace - learn the song “Peace Is…” with acoustic guitar
- visit the library and hear an electric guitar - drawing the two songs you learn in this module

Module 3
Brain and Heart Science

Puppets Izzy the Iguana, W.O. Owl, and Selfie the Snail help us to understand essential brain and heart science - what is our default brain and it’s negative bias - using breathing to allow the Wise Old Owl (prefrontal cortex) help Izzy the Iguana (reptilian fight or flight brain) learn to relax and understand - learning to see the good during the day - bringing our thoughts, feelings and emotions into our heart to rest and build resilience - do a freeze dance in the library!

Module 4
Music in Nature

Getting outside and experiencing nature in different ways - playing instruments in nature - learn the song “Earth is Our Mother” on the Native drum - how nature helps our bodies to rest, relax and feel coherence - standing like a tree visualization for rooting to the earth and reaching into the sky - make a simple shaker and add Native designs - using shakers to release stress and build resilience - listen to the beat of the drum and dance like your favorite animal

Module 5

See and hear the 4-string tambura and 20-string sitar that come from India - learn how the tambura is often used to sing for rest and devotion - choose from three different options to sing with tambura “Ahh”, “Vowels” and “OM” - learn the word “Namaste” from India - Selfie helps define Self-Love - the “marching mammals” march to the theme of “I Am Enough, Here and Now, As I Am” - Learn song “Special Gifts” - hear and see the book “I Am Enough” (in Extras)

Module 6

See & hear the 10-string charango from South America - taking care of instruments - taking care of ourselves inside and out - care for outside: brushing teeth, combing hair, washing body
- care for inside: breathing practices to focus attention inside heart with gratitude, where self- love and peace is… - all living things have self-love - feeling self-love in our own heart allows us to feel it in the world around us - songs: “Is it Food?” & “Water is Life” - be a food scientist

Module 7
Shining Your Light

See & hear 8-string mandolin - what is it that you love, want to learn about, develop in your life? - shining your light - bringing your love into the world - shining your light for all those that have come before you and all those to come after you - Guy sings a song for his grandfather: “Generations” - Get out art supplies and draw the song: Activate Your Heart - Overview of the program’s essential elements


Stories = Guy tells three short stories using the Native drum
Books = Guy reads and shows four books related to our “R2R” themes
Songs = Here are the 14 original songs in this program collected in one place

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Relaxation to Resilience with Guy Louis