Transformational Education for Conscious Living, Empowerment, and Inspiration

  • Your Life Through a Divine Lens with Rev. Sue Frederick

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    This five part course will lift you into your soul’s view of life for an enlightening and empowering perspective. It includes Sue’s personal out-of-body vision that changed her point of view forever; her three extraordinary Shared Death Experiences that show there is no death; two guided meditati...

  • Sacred Numerology with Rev. Sue Frederick

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    This five video module class shares Sue Frederick’s unique teachings on how to use Sacred Numerology to see life through our soul’s view and navigate the challenges and gifts we’ve agreed to experience in our human lives – for the purpose of spiritual evolution for all.

    Sue Frederick is an ordai...

  • Create Prosperity on Purpose with Ellen Rogin

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    Welcome to the Create Prosperity on Purpose video series, where we are committed to helping you build a better relationship with money and create a life of abundance and purpose.

    In the first video, you’ll meet your expert guide, Ellen Rogin, who will share her four-part framework for creating p...

  • Introduction to Tai Chi with Master Leia Cohen

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    Tai Chi is the practice of feeling your body. You do this by using your mind and your breath as you execute the movements. Mindfulness cultivated with movement is a way to bring you back home into your body.
    As you progress in this practice you will begin to perceive the internal state of your bo...

  • The Alchemy of Aroma with Allison Stillman

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    Allison Stillman is a renowned Alchemist of Love, Author, Teacher, and Conscious Alchemy Coach. She is considered an expert on the historical use of essential oils in religious and spiritual ceremonies. Her book, The Sacred Art of Anointing is a result of her 45 years of research and practical ex...

  • Smile at Adversity with Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma

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    Smile At Adversity: Five Kural Conversations on Compassion and Strength

    In the Tamil-speaking world, rooted in the state of Tamil Nadu in south India, the Kural is revered as a guide for how to practice compassion, goodness, and good sense in the nitty-gritty of daily life—from the life of the h...

  • Kindness Seeks No Return with Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma

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    Kindness Seeks No Return: 10 Verses from the Kural on Ethics and Right Action in Everyday Life

    In the Tamil-speaking world, rooted in the state of Tamil Nadu in south India, the Kural is revered as a guide for how to practice compassion, goodness, and good sense in the nitty-gritty of daily life...

  • Love, Joy, Jazz: Music that Inspires Love of the Divine Spirit by Cheri Anderson

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    Cheri “Note” Anderson performs "feel good" jazz, and rhythm/blues, in a range that reaches five octaves! Expressing her passion of singing positive lyrics that speak of “Love” with jazz music in the background, Cheri has found her niche, calling it "Jazzin' the Spirit"! Classic songs such as Get ...

  • Soul Circles with Dr Jonathan Ellerby

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    What can be more helpful on the path of spiritual growth and conscious living than a strong sense of community support, regular practice, and the guidance of a seasoned teacher? Humanity's Team is proud to announce the first phase of our commitment to live, online community building: Soul Circles...

  • Raising Our Vibration Meditation Practice Group

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    Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Altair invite you to join them for the Raising Our Vibration Meditation Practice Group. They’ll guide you in meditation practices that cultivate your inner felt sense of subtle energy and relaxed presence. Together, we’ll raise our collective vibration to resonate wi...

  • 5E Financial Freedom Formula with Jackie Woodside

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    What if I told you that making money is easy? It’s not rocket science, and yet it is something that many people struggle with their whole lives.

    Making money comes down to two things:
    How you think, feel, and believe (your inner world)
    And what you do (outer world actions)
    Most people focus 100...

  • Life Design: Ignite Your Life with Jackie Woodside

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    The Life Design Course is a powerful, deep process that helps you design your life from the inside out, based on who you came here to be.
    This step-by-step process guides you to answer the "Big 5 Questions" about yourself and life:
    What is my purpose?
    What do I value?
    Who am I?
    Where am I goin...

  • The 12 Habits of Unity: The Path to Intentionally Evolving Our Human Community

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    New episodes come out on the first Monday of every month followed by a live call on the third Monday of the month. Recording of the live sessions will be uploaded here the following day.

  • Mindful Music & Meditations with Timothy Noe

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  • The Time for Spiritual Awakening is Now with Andrea Carrani

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    Do you feel burdened by all that is happening in the world around you?
    Do you hold on to past hurts and find it difficult to let go?
    Do you seek Inner Peace?
    Do you want to be in charge of your own life?
    Understand how meditation enables you to find a deeper inner stillness in all situations, ...

  • Real Cooking for Real Life with Heather Gray FDN-P

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    As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner Heather Gray practices and teaches her clients to eat whole, organic, grain and dairy free food. She teaches the health, ecological, spiritual benefits of moderately consuming meat from humanely raised, properly fed and cared for animals.


  • Humanity's Plant-Based Cooking with Chef Ron

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    Chef Ron Pickarski, formerly Brother Ron Pickarski, OFM) is founder, President, and Executive
    Chef/Culinologist for Eco-Cuisine, Inc. In 1968 he began his theological studies at Quincy
    University to become a Franciscan brother until leaving the Order 1993. During those formative
    years in his spir...

  • The Inner Secret: How to Live a Calm Centered Life

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    Learn the secret to a more calm, centered, happy way of being.

    We live in a time when attention overload, anxiety, and stress affect us all. Our culture suggests that we calm stress by controlling things around us and trying to fix things. This is an endless task that is never complete or satisf...

  • Emergence from the Pandemic


    Presented by The Oneness Coalition

    Representing people of diverse spiritual traditions, committed to building
    Peace by sharing our teachings and worshiping together.
    More information is on Facebook at The-Oneness-Coalition
    or email [email protected]

    Prelude by Randall Burton w...

  • Vibrate to Radiance with Amanda Slade and Deborah Myers

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    Vibrate to Radiance: Elevate Your Health & Well-Being!

    Your attention to Self-care is the best way to fortify and optimize your health and well-being, so you are happy and in the flow of living and vibrating in radiance. By shifting into Higher frequency vibrations within your Chakras and your f...

  • The Power of Laughter - For Health & Healing with Liliana Deleo

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    Laughter Yoga provides many physiological and emotional benefits for people of all walks of life. Laughter Yoga was uniquely developed by East Indian physician Dr. Madan Kataria. It combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing, delivering more oxygen to the body and brain. Laughter Yoga uses ...

  • Embodying Eden: Shamanic Journeys for Healing & Ascension

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    Embodying Eden: Shamanic Journeys for Healing and Ascension by Dr. Katherine Hall Newburgh

    Welcome to your journey of healing and ascension! The shamanic journeys in this course are the vehicle of delivery for the frequencies of the New Eden, that is a stabilized state of unconditional thriving....

  • 2028 - Here Comes the Light with Pete Smith

    Movie + 3 extras

    Welcome to “2028 – Here comes the light”!
    This offering for humanity has been designed to bring directly into our line of sight, how we can create an amazing future from the power of human consciousness.
    Now it is your turn to do just that, along with a group of the people who you ask to join wit...

  • The Transcendence Adventure with Pete Smith

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    This offering has been designed to lift the human spirit and take you to a new way of being. It is really simple and easy to follow and will take you somewhere between 4 and 9 weeks depending on the pace that you choose. Your commitment is less than an hour a day.
    We offer you an adventure across...