Additional Transformational Education

  • A New Human Story plus 12 Action Steps


    "A New Human Story” plus 12 Action Steps – Provide a Comprehensive Approach Necessary for Us to Finally Co-create a Healthy and Sustainable Future." As a historical context for this presentation, Stephen Dynako worked with Barbara Marx Hubbard who had the brilliant idea that we need to evolve in...

  • Conscious of our Oneness with Reality


    A Meditation Helps Us Integrate our Six Evolutionary Natures, so We Consciously Act in Oneness with the Whole." Humanity’s Team has led the way to promote that our Oneness with Reality provides a necessary perspective for success on our evolutionary journey. This presentation introduces both th...

  • Tibetan Secrets of Happiness

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    Join Sound Healing Pioneer Jonathan Goldman and Lama Tashi, Tibetan Buddhist Teacher and renowned Chantmaster of HH the Dalai Lama’s Drepung Loseling Monastery, as they explore the Tibetan Secrets of Happiness in this new online course. In Tibetan Buddhism, happiness is not based upon acquiring ...

  • Changing Humanity's Future with Neale Donald Walsch and Humanity's Team


    When you live consciously, you experience being part of something sacred and larger than yourself.

    You also endeavor to create a more fulfilling life, both for you as an individual, and for everyone on the planet, generating momentum toward manifesting a flourishing world for generations to come...

  • Moved to Teach


    Moved to Teach documents the process of becoming a movement teacher. Shot in 2016 in Cork, Ireland during the second module of a three module Open Floor teacher training program, it beautifully illustrates the joy and challenges of learning to lead others as a conscious dance facilitator.


  • Using Psychological Flexibility to Enhance your Capacity to Manage Stress

    5 items

    Psychological flexibility is the capability to move in the direction of what really matters to you even when you are experiencing tough emotions. You can think of it as mindfulness in action. Developing psychological flexibility will enhance your wellbeing and relationships.
    This series is called...

  • Monthly Sound Satsang with Jonathan Goldman

    2 items

    Presented by the Sound Healers Association, Healing Sounds, and Humanity’s Team. This series of monthly presentations will feature teachings by Jonathan on sound healing, with questions & answers, and an extended sound healing Guided Global Om for personal and planetary healing. This Sound Satsan...

  • World Unity Week Panel: "Global Spiritual Climate" with Neale Donald Walsch & HT


    Neale Donald Walsch, Steve Farrell and Timothy Noe talk about the Global Spiritual Climate, hosted by Ben Bowler. Recorded live on June 23rd as part of World Unity Week 2022.
    Live June 18-25 2022

  • The Leadership Quest with Dr. Anneloes Smitsman

    38 items

    The Leadership Quest by renowned evolutionary leader, Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D. is a foundational on-demand course for developing your evolutionary leadership capacities. The Quest includes 7 Masterclasses in video and audio format, 7 Conscious Leadership Practices in video and audio format ba...

  • Opening to Your Body's Deeper Intelligence by Philip Shepherd


    There is a growing appreciation of the need for embodiment in our lives – an understanding that as long as we live in our heads, we will remain disconnected from our deeper truth and aliveness. But to find your way back to the body is a huge challenge if you are unaware of all the cultural prompt...

  • Angel In Red


    "The Angel in Red" is a short, experimental documentary by Cara Myers, founder of Vespera Films (, that tells a universal message about death in an emotionally driven, and uplifting way through dance. Nannette Rogers-Kennedy shares the true story of losing her mother, who before death,...

  • Maths, Movement & Mysticism with Adam Barley


    An extraordinary journey through the most beautiful equation there is — Euler's Identity — into the nature of being human. There's a core pattern to the universe we find ourselves in, which shows up in both numbers and in human beings. Creativity, transformation and spirituality are woven into ou...

  • Wisdom Well Way Free Mini Intro Course with Colleen-Joy

    4 items

    4 Steps to access inner guidance even with a busy mind or heavy heart, anywhere at any time.

    Join to learn the basics of Colleen-Joy's Mindfulness + Meditation + Master Coaching Method in this video course

    “Colleen-Joy is a masterful teacher, whose teachings are in the league ...

  • Wisdom Well Way with Colleen-Joy

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    Learn the 4 Steps Wisdom Well Way Method to access inner guidance even with a busy mind or heavy heart, anywhere at any time.

    Step-by-step clear and easy instructions, plus a full 17 minute guided mindfulness meditation and PDF Journal to download to practice Colleen-Joy's Meditation + Mindfuln...

  • Chaos to Calmness In The Classroom with Brenda Miller


    Be the teacher kids remember and love! Instant Evolution Out Of Stress® is the new peaceful, positive teaching style that dissolves classroom clashes—in 30 seconds! These restorative justice style strategies retain the integrity and dignity of those involved when a conflict arises—and return ever...

  • Beginning Azul

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    Discover the power of embodied movement!

    Beginning with Azul - first steps with conscious movement.

    If you are new to Azul or to conscious dance, in this video you will find a step-by-step guidance to connect to your dancing body and engage in the practice of Azul. We are excited to take the...

  • Four Orientations of Azul Movement Meditations

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    Four Orientations of Azul
    Morning Movement Meditation Series

    Enjoy these 10 min Azul movement meditations created by Amara Pagano founder of Azul and discover for yourself how just 10 minutes can make a difference to your day!

    10 minutes to commit to your...

  • Wisdom Centers Movement Meditations

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    Wisdom Centers
    Morning Movement Meditations

    Enjoy these 10 min Azul movement meditations created by Amara and check for yourself how just 10 minutes can make a difference to your day!

    10 minutes to commit to yourself and your well being

    10 minutes that c...

  • Power of YES - Azul Morning Movement Meditation Series

    7 items

    Enjoy these 10 min Azul movement meditations created by Amara Pagano founder of Azul, to cultivate the energy of YES and uplift and energize your day.
    Bring embodied movement into your life with this series of 7 meditations.

    Amara Pagano is ...

  • EGO Authentic Self with Rick Pursell

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    Our world is in crisis, and crisis is the driver of change.
    Here we explore the route to positive changes through unleashing our innate potential.
    Part 1 - How the EGO impacts on our life
    Part 2 – The Authentic Self – who you are at the core

    Rick is a trusted advisor, facilitating wiser, more in...

  • Yoga Practices with Irina Morrison

    7 items

    Irina Morrison – Transformational Yogini
    Founder of I.M. Yoga
    Co-founder of Enlightening Journeys

    After spending 15 years in fast-paced roles such as Executive Assistant and Rehabilitation Officer, Irina hung her designer suits in the back of the wardrobe and replaced them with her Yoga Pants. I...

  • Discover your Impact and Genius with Adam C. Hall

    6 items

    For the class you will need a pen and paper. Be sure to watch the class when you have no other distractions. In the course material you will find each of the slides shown in the class. Because this is not in a module format it’s best to stop the video and go to the slide in the material section.

  • Awakening the Ten Bodies with Karuna

    Movie + 1 extra

    Kriya for Awakening to your Ten Bodies as led by Karuna

    Yoga cosmology recognizes ten “bodies” that every human possesses and expresses. One might best consider these as ten capacities or varieties of experience and expression that are a part of our understanding as human beings. Millennia of Yo...

  • Healing Grief with Karuna

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    Healing Grief with Kundalini Yoga

    There is something we learn about in these times of crisis which is the thing we really should be reaching for all the time. It is a deeper message in our essential Nature. We need to reach for how that Nature, within us, can be acting all the time-- not just wh...