Additional Transformational Education

  • The Inner Secret: How to Live a Calm Centered Life

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    Learn the secret to a more calm, centered, happy way of being.

    We live in a time when attention overload, anxiety, and stress affect us all. Our culture suggests that we calm stress by controlling things around us and trying to fix things. This is an endless task that is never complete or satisf...

  • Emergence from the Pandemic


    Presented by The Oneness Coalition

    Representing people of diverse spiritual traditions, committed to building
    Peace by sharing our teachings and worshiping together.
    More information is on Facebook at The-Oneness-Coalition
    or email [email protected]

    Prelude by Randall Burton w...

  • Vibrate to Radiance with Amanda Slade and Deborah Myers

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    Vibrate to Radiance: Elevate Your Health & Well-Being!

    Your attention to Self-care is the best way to fortify and optimize your health and well-being, so you are happy and in the flow of living and vibrating in radiance. By shifting into Higher frequency vibrations within your Chakras and your f...

  • The Power of Laughter - For Health & Healing with Liliana Deleo

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    Laughter Yoga provides many physiological and emotional benefits for people of all walks of life. Laughter Yoga was uniquely developed by East Indian physician Dr. Madan Kataria. It combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing, delivering more oxygen to the body and brain. Laughter Yoga uses ...

  • Embodying Eden: Shamanic Journeys for Healing & Ascension

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    Embodying Eden: Shamanic Journeys for Healing and Ascension by Dr. Katherine Hall Newburgh

    Welcome to your journey of healing and ascension! The shamanic journeys in this course are the vehicle of delivery for the frequencies of the New Eden, that is a stabilized state of unconditional thriving....

  • 2028 - Here Comes the Light with Pete Smith

    Movie + 3 extras

    Welcome to “2028 – Here comes the light”!
    This offering for humanity has been designed to bring directly into our line of sight, how we can create an amazing future from the power of human consciousness.
    Now it is your turn to do just that, along with a group of the people who you ask to join wit...

  • The Transcendence Adventure with Pete Smith

    24 items

    This offering has been designed to lift the human spirit and take you to a new way of being. It is really simple and easy to follow and will take you somewhere between 4 and 9 weeks depending on the pace that you choose. Your commitment is less than an hour a day.
    We offer you an adventure across...

  • Moments of Inspiration with Pete Smith

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    Welcome to ‘Moments of Inspiration’ – a ten-day journey into purpose.
    You will need access to the program and a journal to record your thoughts.
    Watch a video each day, first thing in the morning.
    Answer three questions, in a journal you keep:
    1. What resonates for me in the message?
    2. What do...

  • The Courage to Change Everything with Ken Foster

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    No matter what your level of achievement, if you want to take your business and life to the next level, Ken D Foster’s Teachings will empower you to change your destiny. He will be sharing realized wisdom experienced over decades and teach you the time-tested wealth strategies, and spiritual prin...

  • Our Conscious (R)evolution with Dr. Jude Currivan

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    Empowering our Transformational Journey to Whole-Being and Belonging

    Introduction to masterclass
    What conscious (r)evolution can be and how it empowers our transformational journey to whole-being and a felt experience of belonging with each other, our planetary home Gaia and the whole world.

  • Drops of Wisdom Webinar with Rick Moss and Debra Poneman


    “Rick is one of the most beautiful, genuine, heartfelt, filled with love, and brilliant people on the planet.” —Debra Poneman

    In this webinar, Dr. Rick Moss, author of Drops of Wisdom, Guidance on the Path of Awakening called “a masterpiece of spiritual literature’ by Dr. Bill Little, Director o...

  • Perfect Perspective with Timothy Noe

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    Wouldn’t it be nice to live a perfect life?
    Perfect Perspective is the idea that life already is. And while this may seem to be a belief that’s difficult to accept…just remember; it is equally difficult to accept the belief that life is less than perfect!

    In this series, Timothy Noe will share w...

  • The World Without Walls with Rodolfo León

    Movie + 2 extras

    The purpose of this video is to briefly explain, without going into much detail, Rodolfo "David" León's global social evolution movement called "The World Without Walls". David hopes that this brief explanation will move people who are interested in helping the world transform for the better to c...

  • Relaxation to Resilience with Guy Louis

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    Guy has been working in education for over 30 years with Worlds of Music, and created this online program Relaxation to Resilience from one of his most popular live presentations.
    Geared for K-3 kids, parents and teachers, this course distills the latest science into short videos that a child can...

  • Personal Mandala Making with Desiree Holmes Scherini

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    Desiree Holmes Scherini is a Board Certified, award-winning, Master Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Artist and Author. She specializes in helping others explore and develop through teaching personal intuition, spiritual exploration and paths toward personal transformation. She holds a d...

  • 3 Minute Meditations with Karuna

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    Kundalini Yoga is a systematic method of glandular control through the pituitary’s relationship with consciousness is stimulated to invoke the meditative state in us.
    “just experience these meditations".
    With love and deep gratitude I share these super easy meditations where you will grow and c...

  • A New Human Story plus 12 Action Steps


    "A New Human Story” plus 12 Action Steps – Provide a Comprehensive Approach Necessary for Us to Finally Co-create a Healthy and Sustainable Future." As a historical context for this presentation, Stephen Dynako worked with Barbara Marx Hubbard who had the brilliant idea that we need to evolve in...

  • Conscious of our Oneness with Reality


    A Meditation Helps Us Integrate our Six Evolutionary Natures, so We Consciously Act in Oneness with the Whole." Humanity’s Team has led the way to promote that our Oneness with Reality provides a necessary perspective for success on our evolutionary journey. This presentation introduces both th...

  • Tibetan Secrets of Happiness

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    Join Sound Healing Pioneer Jonathan Goldman and Lama Tashi, Tibetan Buddhist Teacher and renowned Chantmaster of HH the Dalai Lama’s Drepung Loseling Monastery, as they explore the Tibetan Secrets of Happiness in this new online course. In Tibetan Buddhism, happiness is not based upon acquiring ...

  • Changing Humanity's Future with Neale Donald Walsch and Humanity's Team


    When you live consciously, you experience being part of something sacred and larger than yourself.

    You also endeavor to create a more fulfilling life, both for you as an individual, and for everyone on the planet, generating momentum toward manifesting a flourishing world for generations to come...

  • Moved to Teach


    Moved to Teach documents the process of becoming a movement teacher. Shot in 2016 in Cork, Ireland during the second module of a three module Open Floor teacher training program, it beautifully illustrates the joy and challenges of learning to lead others as a conscious dance facilitator.


  • Using Psychological Flexibility to Enhance your Capacity to Manage Stress

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    Psychological flexibility is the capability to move in the direction of what really matters to you even when you are experiencing tough emotions. You can think of it as mindfulness in action. Developing psychological flexibility will enhance your wellbeing and relationships.
    This series is called...

  • Monthly Sound Satsang with Jonathan Goldman

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    Presented by the Sound Healers Association, Healing Sounds, and Humanity’s Team. This series of monthly presentations will feature teachings by Jonathan on sound healing, with questions & answers, and an extended sound healing Guided Global Om for personal and planetary healing. This Sound Satsan...

  • World Unity Week Panel: "Global Spiritual Climate" with Neale Donald Walsch & HT


    Neale Donald Walsch, Steve Farrell and Timothy Noe talk about the Global Spiritual Climate, hosted by Ben Bowler. Recorded live on June 23rd as part of World Unity Week 2022.
    Live June 18-25 2022