Shift Happens for Teens! with Andrea and Lee Vallely

Shift Happens for Teens! with Andrea and Lee Vallely

Is your teen struggling with anxiety, depression, peer pressure or motivation?

Imagine your child having:
- More confidence
- More self esteem
- More resilience
- Less mood shifts
- Peace of mind

Teens are under a tremendous amount of stress these days.

Between the upset of COVID, school stress, peer pressure, and social media, a lot of teens are turning to unhealthy behavior, or shutting down. We label the behavior with a diagnosis, and the teen, understandably, creates a belief system that encourages them to show up with a perceived handicap.

There is an innocent, fundamental misunderstanding that can prevent us from being happy.

Imagine your child understanding the physics behind their psychology.

Imagine understanding that, while they may experience anxiety, depression or a diagnosis, that is not their identity, and not a permanent state.

Imagine seeing that the outside world doesn’t have to change in order to be happy, content, and have peace of mind.

As a result, the outside world changes and a healthier state of mind arises.

All boats rise with the tide.

Your teen then experiences a calmness, and ability to think clearly.

Overwhelm becomes obsolete. When they embody this understanding, no matter what is on their plate, they are able to manage their time, thoughts, and state of mind. They are no longer at the mercy of their circumstances.

They Awaken their Creative Abilities and Superpowers.

What’s on offer?
- Being in the zone, flow, genius state, at will
- Clarity of mind
- Improved decision making skills
- Freedom from anxiety
- Compassion for self and others
- Freedom from chronic stress and moodiness
- Massively Improved self-esteem and self-confidence

These principles provide us with the foundation for less suffering, more creativity, contentment, and peace of mind.

Join us for a tailored, proven successful program for teens to help them function at their highest potential, and get out of their own way, with less stress and more engagement in life.

This is an opportunity for your teen to experience their fullest potential in a gentle, light-hearted environment. They will uncover their innate health, innate wisdom, and acceptance and celebration of the true, healthy and vibrant being they are.

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Shift Happens for Teens! with Andrea and Lee Vallely