Living Wisdom for a Changing World with Stephanie James

Living Wisdom for a Changing World with Stephanie James

With your host Stephanie James and special guests: Mark Nepo, Jacob Israel Liberman, Natalie Ledwell, Allison Carmen, and Tarek Mounib. Join seven influential thought leaders, changemakers, and wisdom keepers from around the world for a one-of-a-kind inspirational experience. You will receive trusted insight, distilled wisdom, useful tools, and the secret sauce to ignite your own life in a lasting and powerful way.

A seasoned psychotherapist and transformation coach, a dynamic public speaker, published author, filmmaker, and podcast host, Stephanie James powerfully delivers her message to help others find their own internal sparks, break through limiting beliefs, and create an empowered life full of passion and possibility.

Her new film, When Sparks Ignite, (Playing on Humanity Stream+) hosts a highly reputable cast of international thought leaders and changemakers. Its powerful message is about how the challenges we face can become the match point that ignites something within us that becomes our gift to the world.

Her latest book, Becoming Fierce, takes the reader through a compelling and dynamic journey to expand personal power, purge what doesn’t serve, and design an authentic life that is deeply fulfilling. With profound wisdom and decades of research, Stephanie gives her readers a North Star to guide them to solid shores, thrive through challenging times, cultivate strength and courage, and create substantial change in their lives.

Stephanie is also the host of Igniting the Spark, a worldwide weekly podcast on Mind, Body, Spirit. FM. Stephanie talks with international influential thought leaders as they share their wisdom and genius. Guests include Bruce Lipton, Mark Nepo, Arielle Ford, Larry Dossey, Amit Goswami, Philip Goldberg, and many more. With her vision and her passion, she connects to the guests in a profound way which brings out the gems and true treasures that will help guide you into your best life.

Stephanie has an unrelenting commitment and personal mission to bring as much love and healing to the world as possible. Her work has ignited the sparks in thousands of others to create powerful transformation in their lives and change their pain into possibilities. Her message is clear in all of her mediums:

“Your. Healing. Matters.”

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Living Wisdom for a Changing World with Stephanie James