Make Time Your Ally with Advaitananda Stoian

Make Time Your Ally with Advaitananda Stoian

Time is a resource that we constantly consume, more or less consciously. Not considering this means we easily waste it.

Just as an engine that leaks fuel has a much higher consumption, the perception that, “I need more time,” reveals a time ‘leak’ in our lives, that our inner settings are not optimised.

The temptation to allow diversions and detours on the road to our destination means the time given by the universe for THAT trip is lost on things that were not meant for NOW.
As our minds flip back and forth between our conscious (and unconscious) constructs of past and future, making choices to alleviate fears or satisfy desires, we miss the experience of the PRESENT - the only dimension of time that truly exists for us, and the only place we are free to consciously act.
By learning the universal principles which are always at work, we can learn to master and use Time for our (and everyone’s) greatest benefit.

Advaitananda Stoian has been practising and teaching yoga and meditation for over three decades. He is the co-author of the Esoteric Tantra Yoga course, and author of the Esoteric Meditation course, now taught in more than twenty countries worldwide.

With a background in nuclear science and research, Advaitananda has succeeded to unite traditional spiritual teachings with modern scientific discoveries in a revolutionary way, providing authentic yet accessible transformational tools for the modern person.

Advaitananda is the principal teacher and founder of the Institute for Quantum Transformation where he leads high-level programmes and courses that draw on universal principles and laws. Those who participate learn how to live and work in line with their true selves, get the most out of life at all levels and tap into and master the full potential of the brain and consciousness.

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Make Time Your Ally with Advaitananda Stoian
  • Make Time Your Ally - Ep.1 - Introduction

    Shifting our attitude towards the way we relate to time can have tremendous effects on our lives. Most of our time is wasted on two major causes combined: poor awareness and bad priorities. In this episode, Advaitananda will explain some of the key mechanisms behind the mysterious energy of Time.

  • Make Time Your Ally - Ep.2 - Attention: Fundamental Notions

    Training attention is the secret key to Time-control and thus getting more Time.
    Past and future are mental constructs and most of us consume a lot of time swinging back and forth between the two. In this episode, Advaitananda will explain why the training of attention is the secret key to regain...

  • Make Time Your Ally - Ep.3 - Improving Awareness: Harvesting Time

    Most of our Time is “locked” in moments of unawareness.
    When the light of awareness is off we operate on auto-pilot and waste a lot of time. In this episode, Advaitananda will explain why self-awareness is one of the most important skills we need to develop today.

  • Make Time Your Ally - Ep.4 - Exercise: Living in the Now

    “Festina lente” or “Hurry up slowly”.
    In this episode, Advaitananda will share a practical exercise to increase self-awareness.

  • Make Time Your Ally - Ep.5 - Mechanisms of Attention Training

    When we train attention we train self-awareness.
    In this episode, Advaitananda will explain some of the key mechanisms for effectively training attention and a simple yet powerful exercise to train our focus.

  • Make Time Your Ally - Ep.6 - Conclusions: Know Your Priorities

    In this final episode, Advaitananda will explain how the combination of knowing our priorities and cultivating awareness is the secret to unlocking the “Time Vaults”.