Four Orientations of Azul Movement Meditations

Four Orientations of Azul Movement Meditations

Four Orientations of Azul
Morning Movement Meditation Series

Enjoy these 10 min Azul movement meditations created by Amara Pagano founder of Azul and discover for yourself how just 10 minutes can make a difference to your day!

10 minutes to commit to yourself and your well being.

10 minutes that could change the rest of your day and give you more energy for all that is asked of you.

10 minutes that could potentially change the rest of your life! Imagine the inspiration you will receive if your body is online and awake as you move through your day.

Gain an embodied understanding of Azul Orientations as GPS for life.
Orientations are: Listening ~ Allowing ~ Opening ~ Moving Towards

The Four Orientations are a core component and foundation of the work of Azul. Each Orientation has its own wisdom and together, they keep us engaged in our dance with life and in the process of embodied awakening.

You are invited to start your day with the practice of embodied movement.

Amara Pagano is the creator of Azul a path of embodied awakening and practice of conscious movement. She is committed to the journey of awakening love. She has been teaching movement as spiritual practice for 30 years. She facilitates and trains others to create psycho-spiritual movement experiences as a path of the awakening.

Amara is also the co-founder of the global conscious movement community OneDanceTribe that produces events with teachers and presenters of different modalities for the purpose of creating a unified and collaborative field to support personal and collective evolution. OneDanceTribe and Azul produced the first Online Conscious Dance Conference in 2019 and Embodied Movement Conference in 2022 gathering stellar presenters and thousands of people from all over the world.

As a leader in the world of conscious movement, Amara is forging a path for its continued evolution. Through her work with Azul she is elevating the psycho-spiritual aspect of conscious movement and redefining the work we do on the dance floor as a path of embodied awakening.

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Four Orientations of Azul Movement Meditations
  • Azul Orientations #1 Spiral to Awaken the Body

    This Morning Movement Meditation invites you to explore the pattern of the Spiral to Awaken the Body. The universe is moving in spiral patterns. When we move the body in the pattern of the spiral we connect with the motion of life itself. It...

  • Azul Orientations #2 Four Orientations for Life

    In this Morning Movement Meditation you are invited to move through the Four Orientations of Azul: Listening, Allowing, Opening and Moving Towards. In Azul we call them the GPS for life - they support us to navigate life with as much ease and grace possible.

    Inspiration: If a difficult situatio...

  • Azul Orientations #3 Including the Body in Our Listening

    This Morning Movement Meditation invites you into the practice of Including the Body in your Listening. Too often we are listening only through our thinking mind – disconnected from the intelligence of the body. Moving our bodies and listening through the movement connects us to the full intelli...

  • Azul Orientations #4 Saying Yes to Life

    Today you are invited into the possibility of Saying Yes to Life. We practice saying Yes by allowing life to be as it is. As we work with the orientation of allowing it creates the possibility to move with the current of life and flow downstream. The more we practice, the more our days flow wit...

  • Azul Orientations #5 Opening the System of the Body

    In this Morning Movement Meditation we explore Opening the System of the Body. The motion of Opening creates space and supports you to be available to the possibilities and gifts of the day.

    Inspiration: Where in your life or in what situation would Opening support you?

  • Azul Orientations #6 Moving Towards Life

    This Morning Movement Meditation cultivates the practice of Moving Towards Life. Life is an amazing teacher that is supporting and guiding our growth and evolution. The more we meet each moment as it is and chose to move towards it, the fuller our life becomes.

    Inspiration: During the day may yo...

  • Azul Orientations #7 Spiral to Open the Channel of the Body

    In this Morning Movement Meditation you are invited to work with the pattern of the spiral to awaken and Open the Channel of the Body.
    The body is an amazing resource in our life. Moving in a spiral pattern naturally awakens the body and allows us to feel more open and available to our day.