Zen Mind-Body with Viviane Casimir

Zen Mind-Body with Viviane Casimir

Viviane is the founder of Myoku©, a Zen mind-body alignment for inner peace and self-transformation with meditation practice and martial arts movements. She has been a member of the Kwan Um School of Zen (USA) for several years, and her Buddhist name is Myong Oh. Viviane is 2nd Dan in Kyokushin Karate (IKO) and earned a certificate in Tai Chi Chuan from New York Shaolin Center. Additionally, she is a Usui Reiki master with training in kinesiology. She offered Myoku workshops on an international platform, USA, France, Norway, and Canada, and curated two interactive exhibitions, "Myoku and Zen Stones," showcased in New York City (2012) and Montreal (2019).

Viviane has a multicultural and multidisciplinary background with a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (USA) and a B.S. in Biology (Canada). She taught at university for several years and worked on Wall Street in NYC, the place of birth of Myoku. She has published academic articles on science and literature, and many other articles on meditation and spirituality with online magazines like SivanaEast. She also published a few novels based on Zen and fantasy, among which “The Three Desert Stones,” available at Amazon. Viviane is currently working on a book about Myoku titled "A Walk in the Bamboo Forest."

Viviane has always been interested in science and Eastern philosophies/spirituality since the age of 22. While living in NYC, Viviane trained herself in Myoku, a combination of her expertise in martial arts, Zen, and Reiki, and after seeing the benefits, she decided to shift her career for coaching Myoku and help others develop a strong mind-body practice. With her multicultural background, Viviane speaks French, English, and a little Swedish. Through her work and coaching, Viviane’s mission is to inspire people to step on the path of self-transformation to be a conscious being of the 21st century.

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Zen Mind-Body with Viviane Casimir
  • Introduction


    Viviane Casimir is the founder of Myoku, a Zen mind-body alignment for inner peace and self-transformation. I created this program to help you set up an ecosystem at home to support your meditation with tools (incense, candle, mantra, altar...

  • Zen MBP Introduction.pdf

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  • Module 1 - Incense or the Subtle Vibration


    Why incense and its different standard uses in meditation. We will practice a few breathing techniques and movements while in a sitting position as a warmup for mind-body you can do before meditation. It helps the energy flow and helps th...

  • Zen MBP 1 - Incense.pdf

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  • Module 2 - Candles and the Power of Light/Now

    Why candles and their uses in meditation. We will use Regular breath technique with standing movements (dozen) based on tai chi for grounding and flowing consciousness in the body.

    Breathing techniques (Regular breath)
    Tai chi movements for torso and hips (standing warm up and grounding)

  • Zen MBP 2 - Candle.pdf

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  • Module 3 - Mantra or the Powerful Vibration

    Why mantra and their uses. We will continue the breathing techniques and learn 3 Qi gong movements (first 3 of the 6 total) to develop the fluidity of chi in the mind-body.

    Breathing technique (Regular breath & alignment of the 3 chi centers)
    3 movements of Qi Gong (Rising and falling / Holding...

  • Zen MBP 3 - Mantra.pdf

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  • Module 4 - Altar or the Vortex

    What is a home altar and its uses. We will continue with breathing techniques and will also learn the remaining 3 Qi gong movements so you will be able to practice this short kata on your own regularly to keep your vibration and connection with your deep self.

    Breathing techniques (One minute b...

  • Zen MBP 4 - Altar.pdf

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  • Demystifying Zen Interview with Viviane Casimir, Ph.D.

    Interview with Anna Lee Ambrose for her women group, “Insightful Women.”