The Science of Self Empowerment

The Science of Self Empowerment

In The Science of Self-Empowerment 3-Part Masterclass, you will discover how to…
• Use your perception of your environment to control your genes and make possibilities into realities
• Access the untapped creative power of the conscious mind
• Never perceive yourself as a “victim” of circumstances or heredity again
• Focus your thoughts in a way that will help them become things
• Overcome family and developmental “programming” that may be holding you back
• Utilize heart/brain harmony for greater personal resilience
• Awaken and understand the heart’s language of intuition
• Create and sustain the gamma brain state, allowing you easier access to advanced powers you didn't know you had
• Nurture and support your built-in longevity mechanism to ensure a long and healthy life
• Allow your Heart Intelligence to lift you beyond your problems and into a new dimension of awareness
• Access the four ways your heart communicates with you all the time, providing you with important information
• So many more scientific understandings of Truth!

The Science of Self Empowerment
  • 1: Old 20th Century Science: Limitation with Bruce Lipton

    Bruce explores how the science community’s acceptance of the theories of Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin have held us back in our development as a species, and how you can begin to overcome those deep-rooted limitations as they exist ins...

  • 2: New 21st Century Science: Empowerment with Bruce Lipton

    Bruce explores the empowering new discoveries of Quantum Physics and Epigenetic Science and how they can allow you to take more conscious control over the energy fields that surround you and shape your human experience, as well as the continuing evolution of your own genetics.

  • 3: New Physics: Good Vibes / Bad Vibes with Bruce Lipton

    Bruce shares the “reality” that the physical world around us is simply an illusion created by our collective consciousness, and that our entire Universe exists instead as a malleable mass of energy that you can tune into and guide to progressive and positive outcomes with your own individual cons...

  • 4: From Above–Down: The Shaping of Biology with Bruce Lipton

    Bruce shares how our consciousness, beliefs, and emotions — once thought to be controlled by our genes — are actually the primary determinants of our genetic activity, and how embracing and understanding this information can empower you to take full control of your own health and happiness.

  • 5: From Inside–Outside: The Shaping of Life with Bruce Lipton

    Bruce teaches how the principles of Quantum Physics and the new biology reveal our moment-to-moment thoughts to be the actual creators of our life experiences, and how this awareness can empower you to move from the false perception that you are a “victim” of life to truly becoming the “master” o...

  • 6: The Matrix… For Real with Bruce Lipton

    Bruce teaches how the human nervous system keeps us in a state of hypnosis for our first seven years, enabling us to rapidly download the cultural behaviors necessary to become a functional member of society, and how 70% of those behaviors are limiting, disempowering and self-sabotaging, making i...

  • 7: Taking the Red Pill: The Honeymoon Effect with Bruce Lipton

    Bruce confirms how the phenomenon of falling in love transforms our experience of our lives into a virtual Heaven on Earth, and he’ll show you how you can self-create this powerful and ecstatic state of being at will and sustain it throughout the unfolding of your daily life.

  • 8: The Biology of Spirit: A Story of Immortality with Bruce Lipton

    Bruce confirms how conventional science holds no recognition of the existence or influence of our human spirit, and he’ll show you how to use the discoveries of molecular biology to fully express yourself in the world as a unique environmental frequency, an integral part of “all that is,” and a p...

  • 9: Beyond Darwin’s Idea of Evolution with Gregg Braden

    Gregg explores how the new discoveries about our origins and evolution have given you the opportunity to truly know yourself and your place in the Universe better than ever before, removing the deep-rooted fear of others and of change, and allowing you to evolve more rapidly.

  • 10: The Biological Path To Maximum Human Potential with Gregg Braden

    Gregg explores the 1991 discovery of specialized cells in the human heart that has revolutionized the way we think about the heart and the role it plays in our body, and giving you the power to more deeply connect your heart and brain, awakening extraordinary abilities that used to only be access...

  • 11: Thriving In Life’s Extremes: Optimizing Our Resilience with Gregg Braden

    Gregg shows the power of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to help you deal with sudden upheavals in your personal life and in the world around you calmly and confidently, and allowing you to self-regulate your heart / brain coherence for greater control over your responses to situations as they unfold.

  • 12: Deep Intuition… On-Demand! with Gregg Braden

    Gregg shows the powerful moments of intuition that seem to happen spontaneously in life but rarely when we seem to need them the most, and he’ll show you how to quickly and easily tap into that deep connection whenever you wish.

  • 13: Mirror Neurons and Super Learning with Gregg Braden

    Gregg shares the 2004 discovery of specialized cells in the brain called “mirror neurons” that fire both when we have an experience and when we witness someone else having an experience, and he’ll show you how to influence these cells to utilize their healing and performance-enhancing powers.

  • 14: The Mystery and Meaning of the Gamma Brain State with Gregg Braden

    Gregg shares the little-known gamma brain state that can access multiple areas of the brain to awaken higher states of consciousness and perception, and he’ll show you how to reach that state whenever you want, to heighten your awareness, perception, memory and recall, as well as benefit from its...

  • 15: From Linear Aging to Cyclic Healing: Awakening Our Cells with Gregg Braden

    Gregg confirms the key areas of the DNA strand that are the biological markers for health, sustained rejuvenation, and longevity, and he’ll show you how to awaken a specific enzyme in your body that is designed to repair, heal and regenerate these vital portions of the DNA in each of your cells.

  • 16: Global Coherence: Feeding the Field That Unites with Gregg Braden

    Gregg confirms recent discoveries crossing the traditional boundaries of biology, geology and physics that have revealed a powerful relationship between our everyday lives, personal health, social cohesiveness, and the magnetic fields of our planet, and he’ll discuss how to use this information t...

  • 17: Heart Intelligence with Deborah Rozman

    Deborah explores how “Heart Intelligence” was discovered, what it means, and the role it can play in transforming your ability to choose your destiny and heal your body and your life.

  • 18: The Science of Heart - Brain - Body Communication with Howard Martin

    Howard explores the revelations modern science has uncovered about our physical heart being far more than just a cardiovascular organ and how it processes information inside your body, as well as the four ways your heart is communicating to you right now.

  • 19: The Optimal State of Coherence with Howard Martin

    Howard shows the power of synchronizing your heart/brain/body communication, allowing you to enter a healthy, balanced, high-performance state where you can access the very best of who you are and what you can be anytime you choose to.

  • 20: Energetic Connectivity with Deborah Rozman

    Deborah shows the ways every living system on our planet and beyond is connected by a vast web of unseen, energetic influences, and she’ll show you how to better recognize and understand these energetic connections as a more empowered way of stepping into the future.

  • 21: The Power of Heart-Based Emotions with Howard Martin

    Howard shares the reasons emotions and responses such as Love, Caring, Compassion, and Appreciation have long been associated with the heart, and he’ll show you how to use them as powerful transformation tools to help you lead a more purposeful, fulfilling life and make positive changes in the wo...

  • 22: Increasing Social/Team Coherence with Deborah Rozman

    Deborah shares the reasons why separation and judgment are so prevalent in our modern world, in spite of the fact that increased cooperation and greater harmony are obviously evolutionary imperatives, and she’ll show you how to create more social coherence through developing a collective heart in...

  • 23: Co-Creating Our Reality with Howard Martin

    Howard confirms the reality that we all live in a vast field of information that is reflecting back to us what truly feel in our hearts, and how what we individually and collectively feed this field shapes our lives and has a major influence on the future of the world, and he’ll show you how to u...

  • 24: Activating the Global Heart with Deborah Rozman

    Deborah confirms the compelling science that is able to measure the interactions between each of us and the planet’s energetic systems, along with the rising phenomenon of global coherence as people worldwide grow, change, innovate, and come together with common goals, and how you can play a bigg...