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1: Old 20th Century Science: Limitation with Bruce Lipton

The Science of Self Empowerment • 25m

Up Next in The Science of Self Empowerment

  • 2: New 21st Century Science: Empowerm...

    Bruce explores the empowering new discoveries of Quantum Physics and Epigenetic Science and how they can allow you to take more conscious control over the energy fields that surround you and shape your human experience, as well as the continuing evolution of your own genetics.

  • 3: New Physics: Good Vibes / Bad Vibe...

    Bruce shares the “reality” that the physical world around us is simply an illusion created by our collective consciousness, and that our entire Universe exists instead as a malleable mass of energy that you can tune into and guide to progressive and positive outcomes with your own individual cons...

  • 4: From Above–Down: The Shaping of Bi...

    Bruce shares how our consciousness, beliefs, and emotions — once thought to be controlled by our genes — are actually the primary determinants of our genetic activity, and how embracing and understanding this information can empower you to take full control of your own health and happiness.