Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne Giesemann
  • Making the Connection with Suzanne Giesemann

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    Celebrate the sacredness of mediumship and learn the skills of evidential mediumship with Suzanne Giesemann. Suzanne is a tested and verified evidential medium and holds nothing back in this practical, hands-on course for students at all levels. “Making The Connection” contains all the modules of...

  • Let Your Spirit S.O.A.R! with Suzanne Giesemann

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    The Four Keys to Your Personal Breakthrough with Suzanne Giesemann

    I am pleased to welcome you to this interactive video course in learning to let your spirit S.O.A.R.

    The 26 lessons are divided into six chapters:
    1. Preparing for Take-Off
    2. “S” – Seeing the Oneness
    3. “O” – Opening your Heart...

  • Your Emerging Soul with Suzanne Giesemann

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    YES: Your Emerging Soul is a magical exploration of higher consciousness, love, and the greater reality. Imagine waking up every day feeling loved, loving, and worthy of being loved. Your Emerging Soul was Divinely inspired and designed with Spirit’s help to assist you in aligning with your high...

  • Personal Mediumship PLUS with Suzanne Giesemann

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    Do you want to connect with your own loved ones and guides, but you have no intention of being a medium or ever doing readings? This course is for you! This is a course for non-mediums (and mediums who want to truly, finally, deeply understand oneness and why connecting across the veil is possi...

  • Unlocking the Intelligence of the Afterlife

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    Many of the thousands of people who have suffered near-death experiences share similar stories of the Afterlife they visited during their time away.

    The most common message they return with again and again is that we are here in our humanness for a reason... to awaken to the realization that we ...

  • Cosmic Forces Shaping a Whole New Future

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    Working Directly with Higher Consciousness in the Universe to Create a Better Life and a Better World

    Our Universe is filled with consciousness, and some of that consciousness is much more advanced than ours…
    Fortunately, the beings who possess that consciousness want to help humanity evolve to...

  • 01-05-2023 - Suzanne Giesemann - HT Live Event

    Suzanne Giesemann, renowned evidential medium and spiritual teacher, joins host Steve Farrell for a special Thursday Humanity’s Team Live Event on January 5th, 2023 at 9am Pacific / 12 Noon Eastern. Tune in to hear from Suzanne on “Partnering with Universal Beings” and how to start connecting wit...

  • Thriving Through the Labor Pains of Birthing a New World

    The panel will explore:
    Why change often comes with some discomfort, and why the body of humanity is going through major changes as we leave behind old patterns and birth a new way of living in awareness of our innate interconnectedness
    How the physical process of giving birth known as “labor” c...

  • Pay Attention When the Universe Whispers

    This presentation will explore:
    How birthing a new world begins with remaining present and connected with your higher self and your team of non-physical helpers in the higher realms.
    A quick and easy practice called “Looking for Snags” that delivers meaningful messages moment by moment from those...

  • 05-31-2023 - Suzanne Giesemann - HT Live Event