Let Your Spirit S.O.A.R! with Suzanne Giesemann

Let Your Spirit S.O.A.R! with Suzanne Giesemann

The Four Keys to Your Personal Breakthrough with Suzanne Giesemann

I am pleased to welcome you to this interactive video course in learning to let your spirit S.O.A.R.

The 26 lessons are divided into six chapters:
1. Preparing for Take-Off
2. “S” – Seeing the Oneness
3. “O” – Opening your Heart
4. “A” – Attuning to Higher Consciousness
5. “R” – Reclaiming Your Power
6. Setting Your Spirit Free

The exercises in Chapter 1 are designed to help you become clear about what you hope to achieve by taking this course. They are written exercises that can be completed in one sitting, but you may take longer as desired. The exercises for each of the four main S.O.A.R. chapters are designed for you to spend at least one full day putting the material you have learned into practice. Part of what makes this course so special is that you can watch the videos and do the exercises at your own pace.

It is said that it takes three weeks for a new thought or activity to become a habit. With 23 experiential exercises you are given the opportunity to create lasting, positive change in your life. You are encouraged to take your time with the lessons to get the full benefit.

Learning to S.O.A.R. is about realizing that you are far more than a limited human being. It is about setting your spirit free from thoughts and patterns that hold you back from being and enjoying your true nature. Personal transformation takes commitment. As with everything in life, the more you put into applying the material in this course, the more you will get out of it.

May you enjoy this new adventure in your personal journey.

Let Your Spirit S.O.A.R! with Suzanne Giesemann
  • S.O.A.R Workbook (Downloadable PDF)

    1.23 MB

    This workbook contains:
    ~ A summary of the material in each lesson
    ~ Special readings that are shared in the videos
    ~ Written and practical exercises to deepen your experience of the lesson material

  • 1. CHAPTER 1 - LESSON 1


    ~ Soaring brings to mind taking off in flight – a physical thing in our reality. The focus in this course is on allowing your spirit to S.O.A.R.
    ~ Throughout this course you will hear examples of evidence from the non-physical realm to help you see that you are far more than a p...

  • SOAR Exercise 1 (Downloadable PDF)

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  • 2. CHAPTER 1 - LESSON 2


    ~ You are a beautiful soul who walks in two worlds at once: the physical and non-physical.
    ~ It is the evidence from the other side that helps you to remember who you are.
    ~ Your purpose here is to develop your divinity.
    ~ You do this by being the presence of love.
    ~ The l...

  • SOAR Exercise 2 (Downloadable PDF)

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  • 3. CHAPTER 1 - LESSON 3


    ~ Acronyms are a tool to help remember and more easily apply a large concept
    ~ S.O.A.R. stands for
    S: See the Oneness
    O: Open Your Heart
    A: Attune to Higher Consciousness
    R: Reclaim Your Power
    ~ The beauty of working with the S.O.A.R. acronym is that...

  • SOAR Exercise 3 (Downloadable PDF)

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  • 4. CHAPTER 2 - LESSON 4


    ~ To understand oneness, you need to understand the common essence of all things.
    ~ Oneness is not just a catchy phrase but a scientific truth of both the physical and non-physical reality: everything is made of vibrating energy.
    ~ Perception is reality. Our world a...

  • SOAR Exercise 4 (Downloadable PDF)

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  • 5. CHAPTER 2 - LESSON 5


    ~ The first key to “S - Seeing the Oneness” is updating beliefs that no longer serve you.
    ~ Everything is energy and the highest vibration is love.
    ~ God is All That Is, but this Force is most evident in the form of unconditional love.
    ~ You are the manifestation of the...

  • SOAR Exercise 5 (Downloadable PDF)

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  • 6. CHAPTER 2 - LESSON 6


    ~ The next key to “S - Seeing the Oneness” is recognizing yourself as spirit – the same energy, force, consciousness as that which you may have previously called God.
    ~ The awareness that you exist is the part of you that never changes.
    ~ The part of you that never changes—...

  • SOAR Exercise 6 (Downloadable PDF)

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  • 7. CHAPTER 2 - LESSON 7


    ~ Quantum physics has proven that when we deal with particles smaller than the atom, we are dealing with a reality where there is no time and space.
    ~ The body is not the real you. It is an instrument that displays your energetic “signal.”
    ~ Energy cannot be created or...

  • SOAR Exercise 7 (Downloadable PDF)

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  • 8. CHAPTER 3 - LESSON 8


    ~ Many people spend their lives looking outside themselves for love. You are whole already.
    ~ The urge to experience love is built in because love is the highest expression of God.
    ~ The purpose of duality is to help us awaken.
    ~ Spirit is formless, so you...

  • SOAR Exercise 8 (Downloadable PDF)

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  • 9. CHAPTER 3 - LESSON 9


    ~ When we remain in our human mindsets we mistakenly limit the full expression of ourselves.
    ~ There is a spark of the Divine within you – a light that burns eternally or you would not breathe.
    ~ You control the flow of this Force.
    ~ Anything less than loving thoughts c...

  • SOAR Exercise 9 (Downloadable PDF)

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  • 10. CHAPTER 3 - LESSON 10


    ~ The key to “O - Opening Your Heart” is actively working with your energy field.
    ~ The mind and brain are separate.
    ~ The centers within you known as chakras exchange energy between the physical and non-physical fields.
    ~ Your own thoughts and the energy fields o...

  • SOAR Exercise 10 (Downloadable PDF)

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  • 11. CHAPTER 3 - LESSON 11


    ~ Your thoughts move energy.
    ~ When you radiate love it is felt by those around you at a subtle level.
    ~ When you “O - Open Your Heart,” you come into alignment with your true nature.
    ~ Consciously using your love-energy improves your mood and vitality and fulfills your p...

  • SOAR Exercise 11 (Downloadable PDF)

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  • 12. CHAPTER 4 - LESSON 12


    ~ The first key to “A - Attuning to Higher Consciousness” is realizing that you are spirit – the wave in the ocean, with access to the whole ocean.
    ~ Belief opens the door.
    ~ Consciousness operates along a spectrum from low awareness to refined awareness of...