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Morning Altars - EP 1 - Introduction

Morning Altars with Day Schildkret

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  • Morning Altars - EP 2 - Step 1 - Wand...

    Day explains how to approach Step 1 to begin to see the world with curiosity and childlike wonder. Treasures exist all around you, but you may fail to notice beauty in the familiar surroundings and objects you see every day. Remember to value the journey and to not be transfixed on the destinatio...

  • Morning Altars - EP 3 - Step 2 - Place

    Step two is all about letting yourself arrive and being consciously present in the space where you will create your altar. Ask yourself, “Where am I?” Use all your senses. Sit, listen, and feel. Become more grounded and in touch with the space. To help you slow down and reconnect with your surrou...

  • Morning Altars - EP 4 - Step 3 - Clear

    Day guides you through creating a canvas, the blank space where you will build your altar. Before you clear an area, sit with the debris and what came before you. Day encourages you to be with what was before you create something new. As you clear your space, take your time and be mindful of the ...