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Morning Altars - EP 3 - Step 2 - Place

Morning Altars with Day Schildkret

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  • Morning Altars - EP 4 - Step 3 - Clear

    Day guides you through creating a canvas, the blank space where you will build your altar. Before you clear an area, sit with the debris and what came before you. Day encourages you to be with what was before you create something new. As you clear your space, take your time and be mindful of the ...

  • Morning Altars - EP 5 - Step 4 - Create

    The fourth step in the Morning Alters practice is where you begin to create. Day offers guidance for getting started and reminds us that this is fun! There are no right or wrong decisions, just the next one. Start from the center and allow your design to ripple out. Experiment with patterns and b...

  • Morning Altars - EP 6 - Step 5 - Gift

    In step five, Day explains the process of gifting your altar, transforming your work from an art practice into a devotional practice. Ask yourself, “Who or what am I dedicating this altar to?” Dedicate it to someone or something important in your life and let the beauty nourish and feed what has ...