Forbidden Science

Forbidden Science

From the origin of the universe, to the emergence of the first humans on Earth, the conventional theories taught in our classrooms and textbooks have led us to believe that…
* We live in a dead and inert universe
* The universe is the product of random processes and “lucky” physics
* We humans are the product of random mutations and “lucky” biology
* Our species has endured 200,000 years of brutal competition and “survival of the strongest,” only to discover that we’re powerless victims in a hostile world of separation, competition, and conflict

The truth is that hundreds of scientific and archaeological discoveries over the past 50 years have revealed a very different story for the universe and humanity’s place within it…

And while these discoveries are being ignored and suppressed by the scientific establishment in order to preserve the status quo, they prove that the story we’ve been told is not only incomplete, but in many cases completely inaccurate, cutting us off from the immense power we have access to by our very nature.

These discoveries not only prove that the universe is alive and intelligent, they prove we are not the result of random mutations and luck, and that we are part of — rather than separate from — the universe and everything that happens in it.

They also reveal that our bodies are “wired” to interact with the intelligent field that underlies our existence, opening up almost infinite possibilities for healing, communication, and the sharing of information and energy.

In order to fulfill our destiny and become who we are meant to become, we must embrace these new discoveries and the new evidence, along with the story they tell and the healing and possibility they can bring to our lives.

From climate change to social change, from the shock of the global pandemic to the slow collapse of the global economy, your choices, policies, politics and solutions are based on the way you view the story of who we are and why we are here.

World-renowned scientists and researchers Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein have partnered with Humanity’s Team to create this first-of-its-kind Masterclass to set the story straight and share the forbidden truth about our origins — and our future.

These new truths will not only empower you to make choices that will help you create the best, most powerful version of yourself, they will help all of us to work together to solve the biggest challenges in our world as we move into the next chapter of our evolution and step forward into the destiny we were born to fulfill.

Forbidden Science