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5. We Are The Technology We’ve Been Waiting For with Gregg Braden

Forbidden Science

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    There seems to be no limit to our capacities to pull physical energy and emotional information from the Universal Field, and the key to that process has to do with trusting not only our connection to the Field, but the information we receive from it. In this module, Gregg will explore how to do j...

  • 7. Forbidden Biology with Gregg Braden

    As humans, we have remarkable abilities that we are only beginning to fully understand and gain access to, but the question is: where do these abilities come from, since there is much evidence to suggest they do not originate within our brains or bodies? In this module, Gregg will share the scien...

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    While the true story of our origin has been written about and depicted by ancient cultures throughout the world, this evidence has been deliberately ignored and ridiculed for so long that as a whole, most of the human species are only now beginning to wake up to that story and realizing the impli...