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1. Cosmology Matters

Forbidden Science • 25m

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  • 2. Your Story Is Your Life

    We’ve all grown up being told that we live in a dead and random universe that is the product of lucky physics, and that we are the product of unbelievably precise circumstances that have led to what scientists call lucky biology. In this module, Gregg will explore the overwhelming evidence that r...

  • 3. We Are The Unified Field!

    The Unified Field is everywhere. Literally. And it contains an infinite amount of energy and the potentiality of all possible outcomes, which means we — as part of the Field ourselves — have the power to access and direct it to bring about the kind of experiences and outcomes we desire. In this m...

  • 4. Fractal Space and Fractal Time

    Fractal patterns are one of the universal principles of nature that make our world, and our lives, as they are. The fractal relationships that play out at the sub-microscopic atomic level of matter, are the same patterns that play out on larger visible scales in living systems, human relationship...