Enter the Qi with Ting Ting Guan

Enter the Qi with Ting Ting Guan

Qi (“chee”) is the life-force energy that courses through the entire Universe, including every fiber of your own body.
In short, it literally “makes the world go ‘round,” and is the source of everything that happens anywhere.
Unfortunately, until you master the ability to collect and harness that energy inside yourself, you won’t be able to reach your highest human potential or optimize your health to keep you at the top of your game.

To teach you how to reach a higher level for your health and happiness, renowned spiritual teacher and Qi Gong master Ting Ting Guan has created the “Enter the Qi” 10-week Masterclass.

Discover Ting Ting’s simple but powerful, movement-oriented, GuanJing approach to life and be liberated from your past energy blockages and burdens so you can step into a more empowered and fulfilling present.

During the “Enter the Qi” 10-Week Training, you will learn how to…

~ Direct negative energy into renewed life force, allowing you to become stronger, more confident, and full of energy

~ Internally generate a sense of lightness in your heart and body, putting your mind at peace, and giving you more unimpeded access to your intuition

~ Open your body, mind and heart to the remarkable healing potential of Qi energy

~ Transform suffering, pain, and trauma into life force energy

~ Engage in advanced movements and breathwork that will expand and cleanse your Toroidal Field (the energy field around your body) and draw life-force energy into your heart that you can direct in any way you choose

~ Fully understand how the three types of energy, Prana, Qi, and Jing, connect to specific aspects of both your physical and ethereal bodies, and how you can use them to improve your health and expand your consciousness

~ Use the GuanJing method to help you manifest what you envision for your life

~ And so much more…

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Enter the Qi with Ting Ting Guan