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Up Next in Angel Empowerment Practitioner Online Certification Course with Cindy Smith

  • AEP 2.7 - Cause and Effect & Power of...

    Download and print the Cause and Effect handout for your AEP Manual. The slides from the this section are also available to download and print.

    Key Points to listen and watch for during video are:

    To gain maximum power take responsibility for everything that happens in your universe
    Cause is a...

  • AEP 2.8 - Working with Crystals and A...

    In the Downloads section of this page, Cindy's Cousin Jennifer Mueller has provided a pdf hand out for the beginners basics of crystals.

    Key points to listen to and watch for in video are:

    Why does Cindy choose to use crystals in her Angel Empowerment Sessions?

    Crystals have specific propertie...

  • AEP 3.1 - Soul Spirit Physical

    Soul Spirit Physical Video/Audio Lesson

    Go to the right to look at the slide from power point to see more clearly the picture.
    John Holland used the metaphor of (car – person – fuel) during a workshop Cindy attended years ago with him. She resonates with this teaching.
    Physical Body = Car – when...