Angel Empowerment Practitioner Online Certification Course with Cindy Smith

Angel Empowerment Practitioner Online Certification Course with Cindy Smith

Welcome to the Angel Empowerment Practitioner Online Certification Course. Congratulations on listening to and following your Divine Guidance, as well as your heart, by joining here with us. The angels hold their hands up to you for trusting in yourself and joining to share this experience.

I look forward to sharing techniques, methods, skills with you throughout this journey. I feel so much excitement around being able to watch and sense your own personal growth in the next few months. Please set the intention with your angel team of what you desire from this course, and the TRUST in all the empowerment you will receive. You may have signed up to develop more of your intuitive and/or become a Certified Practitioner either is perfect for you on this journey we call life. You are profoundly intuitive, as you know, or will discover soon. You’ll be using your abilities in so many ways so please relax and have fun. My goal is to teach techniques and then have you use them with fellow students online which offers you an opportunity to build confidence and have the additional benefit of receiving energy work from other classmates.

This is a course filled with learning, experiencing, and processing. Please be gentle with yourself. Create opportunities to get outside as much as you can to connect and ground with mother-nature. During course please stop yourself from comparing to others; this course is for your own experience and it is just perfect for you. Remember to ask ego to be quiet if the negative self-talk or self-doubt creeps in. The angels will assist you to be all that you are!!!

As you are watching videos, reading material or practicing technique and you think of a question, please write down and send to me prior to Live Group Coaching Calls.

My intention with the angels is to have you learn to use their Divine energy to empower you in every way you desire. Open fully to your spiritual gifts and step into your POWER! As an AEP™, always remember you are more than that, and continue to share your light with the Universe from moment to moment.

In Love and Light,
Cindy Smith, AEP™

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Angel Empowerment Practitioner Online Certification Course with Cindy Smith