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Up Next in Angel Empowerment Practitioner Online Certification Course with Cindy Smith

  • AEP 1.2 The Three Minds Bonus Meditation

    This section is a BONUS for you to enhance your connection with self and your Angel Team. I have found this meditation to be a powerful connection with my Aumakua and to allow me to take the extra time to connect with my Angel Team. Your Angel Team connects easily with your Aumakua and flows insi...

  • AEP 1.3 - Understanding Your Angel Team

    Cindy has added a printable document with bullet points of each Archangels' specialties that gives you an easy reference guide. In addition, refer to the e-book Wings of Love that is available as a download in the Resources section of the Introduction and Instructions module.

    Cindy has also gi...

  • AEP 2.1 Third Eye Clearing

    In this section of Third Eye Clearing, there is an instructional video at the top of the page plus 2 audio recordings that you can listen to online or you can download to your computer to listen to offline. The first audio is the audio-only version of the video and the second is a meditation Ci...