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Up Next in The Cosmic Time Plan with Carl Johan Calleman

  • The Cosmic Time Plan Session 3

    This video discusses macrocosmic entanglement, and the Heavenly Abode and its relationship to the rise of civilization. The sudden rise of civilizations around 3100 BCE in present-day Egypt, Peru, Iraq, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan has long been a mystery to historians. How could it be that full fledg...

  • The Cosmic Time Plan Session 4

    This video essentially provides a deepening of the phenomena that were discussed in Session 3 with a focus on the 6th Wave of the Mayan calendar system. The pre-Wave to this –starting 10,240 years ago – gave rise to the earliest temples like Göbekli Tepe built by hunter-gatherers. The state of co...

  • The Cosmic Time Plan Session 5

    This video begins with a more extensive discussion of the Sixth Wave including what has caused the fall of civilizations. It continues with the climb of the cosmic pyramid to the 7th level and the state of consciousness that in 1755 CE activated the mind that would result in the modern world with...