The Cosmic Time Plan with Carl Johan Calleman

The Cosmic Time Plan with Carl Johan Calleman

Most of the mysteries that engage people today are find their origin within a very narrow time-period between circa 10,000 BCE and 550 BCE. This is the time period when it seems many phenomena such as the flood, lost civilizations, pyramid building, sacred geometry, aliens, catastrophes, giants and other things that we cannot immediately rationalize are to be found. When we come closer to our own time, we tend to think that we at least in principle can understand what caused things to happen and when we go further back in time human life seems to be lost in the fogs of pre-history. In my own work, I am not trying to create understanding of ancient phenomena by narrowly focusing on a specific time period but by looking at events in light of the entire cosmic time plan from before the Big Bang to the present time. The reason is that the entire history of the universe needs to be understood in light of the evolution of consciousness, which underlies the emergence of all phenomena. The larger perspective of a cosmic time plan is provided.

This cosmic time plan is described by the Mayan calendar system, which is the only calendar system of our planet that is quantized. All other calendars, common astrology included, are based on Newtonian physics, where matter (and solid astronomical bodies) is considered as primary to consciousness. To really understand how things evolve and what lies behind all of the phenomena that we may discover in the above-mentioned “mystery period” (10,000-550 BCE), we however instead need a calendar system where consciousness is primary to matter. To my knowledge only the Mayan system meets this requirement. This video series about the Cosmic Time Plan is intended to provide a background about the history of our planet based on Macrocosmic Quantum Theory, the Mayan Calendar and the evolution of consciousness. What I suggest is that only in the large-scale perspective of this evolution of consciousness can we understand the many mysteries that we associate with the ancients.

Carl Johan Calleman has a Ph.D. in Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm, following which he was a Senior Researcher at the School of Public Health at the
University of Washington in Seattle, focusing especially on identifying toxic substances in the human environment. After leaving his academic carrier he has spent the past 25
years developing an understanding of the meaning of the Mayan calendar, and as part of this quest he has lectured in 25 countries and written seven books, which have been translated to 14 languages. He also filmed the first interview with Don Alejandro Oxlaj, head of council of elders in Guatemala available to an audience in the Western world. His current focus is on the application of Macrocosmic Quantum Theory an all-encompassing theory of evolution emanating from these studies. He has also presented a theory of the place of psychedelics in human evolution and why they have the effects that they do. His web site is

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The Cosmic Time Plan with Carl Johan Calleman
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