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Up Next in The Dance of Souls: The Relationship (R)Evolution

  • Meditation: ASSUMPTIONS

    Our awareness is profoundly conditioned by our assumptions and their vibratory rate or frequency which affect our state of consciousness, creating a filter through which all of our perceptions and experiences are channeled.

  • 2-2 Personality Structure and Opennes...

    Examining and changing one’s deepest assumptions about the nature of reality can be a lengthy and intense process, depending upon one’s level of openness to rewrite or reframe their history and try new things.

    To begin this process we need to look into our own personality structure. Please downl...

  • 2-3 The Power of Assumptions

    Our assumptions determine our unique perspectives and our perspectives determine our interpretation of events in our lives. The story we tell ourselves and others is derived from our interpretation of these events. By exploring our lives in terms of how everything has served us in growing versus ...