The Dance of Souls: The Relationship (R)Evolution

The Dance of Souls: The Relationship (R)Evolution

The Dance of Souls: The Relationship (R)Evolution Welcome to an exploration into conscious relationship with self, others and the Universe through an evolving understanding of the nature of Unconditional Love. See the purpose of The Dance of Souls for mirroring our light and shadow on our journey to wholeness, self-love, alignment with our divinity and true purpose as we walk in absolute trust of a conscious loving Universe.

• What do our core assumptions have to do with the reality we experience?
• What determines the quality of our relationships with self, others and the Universe?
• How do we change our frequency and thereby our reality?

In this course you will: Learn about the gifts of challenging relationships and will make The Big Flip - the shift to Beloved from victim, to gratitude from blame, shame and anger. Examine repeated behaviors and triggers that show you what's hidden in your subconscious. Bring your true gift to the party of life – YOU! To access the construct on the nature of the Universe that we base this course on, download the free e-book: “THE CONSCIOUS LOVING UNIVERSE: A Guidebook” at

Course Description

Module 1: Introduction to the Course and facilitator Connie Baxter Marlow

Module 2: Assumptions and Worldview
A look into examining and shifting core assumptions about the nature of the Universe bringing a new perspective on our life’s journey and relationships, with a meditation, exercises and journaling.

Module 3: Relationships- Repeated Behaviors, Feelings, Mask Creation, Defense Mechanisms
A deep look at relationships and upsetting behaviors that have plagued us our entire lives. Moving out of victim/perpetrator, shame/blame into the absolute loving nature of the Universe, with a meditation, exercises and journaling.

Module 4: The Internal and External Challenges
A look at our resistance to bringing hidden feelings about ourselves, shown to us by others, into the light for us to see and integrate and move beyond our mask into our true selves, with a meditation and journaling.

Module 5: Seeing the Gifts and Challenges of Intimate Relationships
We see that we incarnated to experience certain behaviors and wounds to accept and love ourselves and trust a loving Universe through understanding what creates our reality, with a meditation and journaling.

Module 6: Walking the Walk of Love, Lover, Beloved
We align our mind and heart and truly embody the understandings brought through this process by choosing how to live and respond to people and circumstances in our life, with a meditation, exercises and journaling.

This is The Dance of Souls!
Once you understand this new way of looking at relationships, you can identify the parts of yourself that need deep healing and stop the patterns of behavior that have caused you and others pain.
At the end of this course you will shift your perspective from that of pain and anger to one of love and gratitude to those people who loved you enough to dance with your soul and assist you in your journey to self-love and self-acceptance.
With a new understanding of the nature of the Universe by changing of some core assumptions you will have the tools to enjoy happier, more fulfilling relationships with self, family, others, and the circumstances in your life.

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The Dance of Souls: The Relationship (R)Evolution
  • Connie and Andrew Welcome You to the Course

    Connie and Andrew have been in The Dance of Souls for sixteen years. Connie shares her insights into the deep purpose of relationships gleaned over her lifetime. Andrew leads you through 8 Meditations based upon the 7 A’s of Consciousness – the 7 aspects of our consciousness, which determine our ...

  • Map of Dance of Souls Course

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  • Meditation: CONSCIOUSNESS

    Consciousness is the primordial manifestation of the energy of the Universe. It is literally beyond human comprehension. There is a vast spectrum of states of human consciousness, ranging from total anesthesia to deep sleep to the various levels of awake-ness, all the way up to the highest levels...

  • 1-1 Course Intro and Connie’s Dance of Souls Story

    I’m Connie Baxter Marlow and I will guide you through this profoundly transformational course which involves serious inner work: the work we came on this planet to do – become Beloved through understanding the conscious, loving nature of the...

  • Meditation: AWARENESS

    A conscious person perceives his or her inner and outer environment, on a level corresponding to his or her degree of awake-ness. Pure awareness is the superconscious unconditioned state that is the goal of meditation, Nirvana. The meditator is simultaneously aware of everything and of nothing, d...

  • 1-2 Journaling and Reflection

    What has your journey been so far? Please journal about your life’s journey as you see it. What have been your triumphs? Your challenges? What desires and experiences have led you to this course? What are the stories you tell about yourself and others in your life? Are there two of you?

  • Exercise 1-1 Journal

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  • 2-1 Review/Preview

    In this module we will look into your worldview, your fundamental assumptions about the nature of the Universe, your place in it and how it applies to your personal journey through life.

  • Meditation: ASSUMPTIONS

    Our awareness is profoundly conditioned by our assumptions and their vibratory rate or frequency which affect our state of consciousness, creating a filter through which all of our perceptions and experiences are channeled.

  • 2-2 Personality Structure and Openness to Change

    Examining and changing one’s deepest assumptions about the nature of reality can be a lengthy and intense process, depending upon one’s level of openness to rewrite or reframe their history and try new things.

    To begin this process we need to look into our own personality structure. Please downl...

  • Exercise 2-1-Personality Structure

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  • 2-3 The Power of Assumptions

    Our assumptions determine our unique perspectives and our perspectives determine our interpretation of events in our lives. The story we tell ourselves and others is derived from our interpretation of these events. By exploring our lives in terms of how everything has served us in growing versus ...

  • 2-4 The Vows of Love

    These vows express a conscious agreement between two people who have agreed to play a unique role in a conscious intimate relationship – with the divine purpose of mirroring the light and the shadow in the other on the soul’s journey to wholeness.

    Please download Exercise 2-2 and read the “Vows ...

  • Exercise 2-2 Vows of Love

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  • 2-5 Examining Assumptions

    In order to shift our perception of our life stories, deeply and completely, so that we can move into gratitude and away from anger and self-pity, we must take on some absolutes.

    Please download Exercise 2-3 and have a look at your core beliefs about the nature of the Universe.

  • Exercise 2-3 Examine Assumptions

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  • Exercise 2-4-The Trust Frequency Ten Assumptions and Definitions

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  • 2-6 Journal about Shifting Core Assumptions

  • 3-1 Review/Preview

    We have had a look at our fundamental assumptions and have accepted the worldview presented in this course as absolutely true for this process to have its desired transformational effect.

  • Meditation: ATTITUDE

    Our attitude, the stance we adopt toward any given subject, is almost entirely determined by our assumptions about that subject. It is virtually impossible to have a positive attitude concerning someone or something we hold negative assumptions about and vice versa.

  • 3-2 Relationships and Behaviors

    Let’s look at repeating patterns that have been recurring throughout our lives.

  • 3-3 Repeated Behaviors, Feelings, Mask Creation, Defense Mechanisms, Demeaning

    Let’s assess some circumstances, feelings and behaviors that brought you to this point in your life when you would like to go deeper than the shame/blame, victim/perpetrator game you have been enmeshed in with certain people in your life.

  • Exercise 3-1 Repeated Behaviors

    262 KB

  • Exercise 3-2 Feelings

    280 KB