Sacred Journey of Conscious Evolution

Sacred Journey of Conscious Evolution

In the The Sacred Journey of Conscious Evolution 8-Week Online Masterclass, you will discover how to…
~ Come through the “Dark Night” that is the final gate we must pass through to engender a new way of being and doing everything, as you participate in the creation of a new world.
~ Develop “Birth Eyes” – the ability to see the signs of the coming birth of a new humanity even in the midst of our current chaos, giving you the hope, strength and joy to be able to help others to see it, too.
~ How to unite in yourself the opposites of radiant openness to transcendence and the realistic understanding of your own darkness and the dark forces in you that threaten your evolution.
~ How to marry the knowledge of the power of love with an awareness of the radical responsibility to put that knowledge into action, inspiring you to extraordinary new levels of consciousness and innovative solutions to challenges that arise in your life and in the world.
~ Why serving others and the Earth in “Sacred Activism” is the greatest joy of all, and an integral part of the process that is birthing you into your Divine Humanity.
~ Understand the innate meaning of all existence, including our Universe’s inherent evolutionary purpose, and how the sacred journey of our conscious evolution is the emergent birth canal of a new divine-embodied humanity.
~ Enter the lived adventure and evolutionary flow of relationships and communications with the Universoul’s multidimensional sentience, allowing it to guide you in how to attune and align with its unfolding emergence to consciously evolve.
~ Transcend egoic perspectives and balance mind, heart and purpose to attune to, empower and align with evolutionary purpose and expand your capacity for multidimensional awareness and nonlocal insights.
~ Access the twelve-fold evolutionary path to guide you to progressively activate higher vibrational levels of unitive consciousness and access and communicate with elemental, archetypal and multidimensional intelligences.
~ Live a divinely embodied life based on and all-pervaded by love, of innate interbeing, and of inherent interspirituality, acting local, feeling global and thinking cosmic.

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Sacred Journey of Conscious Evolution
  • Sacred Journey - Mod 1 - The Vision of Radical Regeneration & a Divine Humanity

    Radical Regeneration is the rekindling of the evolutionary force that is inherent in you and in all of us, guided by the Divine Mother, that can birth out of our Global Dark Night an embodied Divine Humanity. This Dark Night is the final gat...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 2 - The Five Laws of a Dark Night

    The Dark Night you must pass through to be reborn as a new Divine Humanity is governed by five laws derived both from the science of evolution and from major mystics of all traditions that you must align with in order for the Dark Night process to be as complete and transformatory as possible.


  • Sacred Journey - Mod 3 - Rumi: Divine Human Prophet of Love

    The ancient mystic poet Rumi was himself reborn into Divine Humanity, and his work contains ecstatic, precise guidance and profound encouragement for those on the path to that great transformation themselves. Rumi’s poetry calls us to abandon ourselves to crises in “surrendered passion to God” so...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 4 - Kabir: The Divine Human Prophet of Truth

    The ancient poet Kabir is the other great evolutionary voice from the past who can most inspire and ennoble us. While Rumi works in the depths of transforming Divine love, Kabir focuses on the tender and fierce truth of the demands the Divine places on us for our own benefit, offering us his own ...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 5 - The Four-Part Path to Engoldenment

    Inspired by Rumi and Kabir, Andrew has been working on what he calls “The Four-Part Path to Engoldenment” for the past 30 years. This evolutionary path demands two liberations that need to be pursued together: the liberation of the soul to realize its identity with the Self, and the liberation of...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 6 - The Vision of Sacred Activism

    For your Divine birth to be fully realized, what you are given through the inner expansion of Engoldenment must then be poured into wise "sacred action" to positively affect all the realms of Earth life. When you fuse together the two noblest passions of the human soul, the passion of the mystic ...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 7 - The Practice of Sacred Activism

    There are five kinds of service that need to be lived together for you to become an authentic Sacred Activist: service to the Divine, service to yourself, service to all sentient beings, service to your local community while thinking globally, and service to the world through aligning all your in...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 8 - The Seven Laws of Sacred Activism

    There are seven laws that govern and guide Sacred Action that have been explored and revealed by the world’s mystical traditions. It’s critical that you know these laws as clearly as possible so you can align yourself as deeply with them as you can. Your evolutionary development demands that you ...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 9 - The Emergent WholeWorld-View

    Scientific breakthroughs at all scales of existence and across numerous fields of research are revealing an emergent Universal cosmology of evolutionary consciousness. This WholeWorld-View is showing how our Universe, beginning not in the implied chaos of a big bang but as the first moment of an ...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 10 - Universoul Evolution

    Leading-edge scientific research has shown that the multidimensional cosmic intelligence of our nonlocally unified and essentially living Universe – the Universoul – embeds an inborn evolutionary impulse in its entirety. And this evolution flows from simplicity to complexity in ever-greater level...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 11 - A Unitive New Narrative

    With the emergent and evidence-based science of a WholeWorld-View, a unitive new narrative provides a foundation to serve the conscious evolution of humanity. It supports us in healing our collective worldview from the illusion of separation to a perspective of unity in diversity.

    In this module...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 12 - We Are Gaians

    The multidimensional Universoul consciousness is embodied in the archetypal sentience of our “Soular” System and the physical and elemental realms of our planetary home, Gaia. Gaia has been nurturing the emergence and evolution of this self-aware consciousness for over four billion years, and her...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 13 - The 8 eSSences of Spirited Self-Mastery

    In order to optimize and synergize your co-creative relationships with others and the multidimensional sentience of Gaia and the Universoul, you can draw on unitive and evolutionary practices to guide you experientially. These practices offer a profound and practical initiatory path to serve and ...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 14 - Into-Greation; Rebirthing Yourself and a New Humanity

    To facilitate the birth, activation and embodiment of the compassionate wonder and creativity of your inner divine child, it is vital that you consciously integrate—and in doing so, to “into-great”—the divine masculine and feminine aspects of your psyche. Doing so, continues the activation and ex...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 15 - Embodying the Divine, Entering a New World

    To facilitate further experiential expansion of the persona-based consciousness field, it is necessary to activate beyond the Universoul Heart and Earthstar chakras, to higher vibrational transpersonal awareness along a twelve-fold evolutionary path to unitive and fully embodied divinity. Whilst ...

  • Sacred Journey - Mod 16 - Unity in Belonging

    To fully live our lives through the sacred journey of our conscious evolution and in the sacred activism of radical regeneration, it is important to extend a spiral of compassion to encompass the “me” with the “we” and the “all” in the Universoul Heart. In doing so, it reveals that beyond unity i...

  • Sacred Journey Group Mentoring with Andrew Harvey 3-31-23

  • Sacred Journey Group Mentoring with Jude Currivan 4-4-23.mp4

  • Embodying Higher Consciousness Webinar

    In this FREE Online Video Program, brilliant and entertaining planetary healers and futurists Andrew Harvey and Jude Currivan will show you how to begin raising your own consciousness every single day, as well as provide you with new mindsets and practices that will transform your own life and th...

  • Sacred Journey Virtual Fireside Gathering 2-17-23

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  • Sacred Journey Mod 1 Watch Party 2-7-2023

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