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Up Next in More Fulfillment - Master Mingtong Gu

  • 11-2 Practice, Third Sequence and Clo...

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  • 11-3 Session 7 Q&A

    Questions Answered in this Session:
    1.  Is a transmission as powerful in the present moment as it is later on in time - as a replay?
    2. What about negative or evil energy? How do we protect from that when we are opening ourselves?
    3. When doing Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down we are sending out and pul...

  • 12-1 From Self-Love to Self-Realization

    It's easy to lose track of your life purpose when you feel health-challenged or emotionally overwhelmed. Qigong practices that open energy, awaken your essence, and cultivate  inter-connection, are the pathways to realizing your deep purpose. Through this integration, our mind-body-heart can move...