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06-1 Opening Your Heart to Deep Nourishment and Vision

More Fulfillment - Master Mingtong Gu

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  • 07-1 Deeper Connection with Earth Energy

    One of our most important challenges, especially in this time of the global pandemic and isolation, is feeling like life is on hold, stuck, and hopeless. Wisdom Healing Qigong helps us "unstick" the energy,  awaken the creative, restorative, purifying power of life.
    Energy flow can freeze or co...

  • 07-2 Deeper Connection with Earth Ene...

    Questions Answered in this Session:
    1. I am working with some modifications on Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down but I am still experiencing dizziness. Am I doing something wrong? is this chi purification? Can you give some guidance?
    2. I have a question about the hip area being very tight and how openin...

  • 08-1 Moving from Limitation to Abundance

    In the midst of great challenges like uncertainty, loss of a job, money or a sense of security, it is hard to remember the abundance of life. It can be challenging to connect to the beauty and power of life in stages of regeneration.

    Wisdom Healing Qigong allows us to open to the invisible energ...