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  • Higher Love Module 04

    We’re all aware of how wounds of the past tend to play out as unwanted stories in the present. Yet few of us have awakened to a newer, truer story. Old beliefs such as “I’m alone,” or “I’m not good enough” are defaults we revert to when emotionally “triggered.” In response, we’ll take actions mea...

  • Higher Love Module 05

    If you look below the surface of the painful dynamics you tend to struggle with in love, you’ll see your automatic assumptions and projections about how others feel about you, and behave towards you. From this perspective, you’ll then unconsciously show up in ways that make it so, particularly wh...

  • Higher Love Module 06

    Most of us are loath to appear too needy or desperate for love and affection. When we’re needy, we’re overly identified with a younger part of us that’s emotionally stuck in a lie. Internally, we’ve become our inner 12-year-old again, filled with the shameful recognition that, somehow, we’re less...