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Up Next in Angel Empowerment Practitioner Online Certification Course with Cindy Smith

  • AEP 4.5 - Belief Pattern Change Techn...

    Once again follow along from handout Belief Pattern Change Technique.

    Archangel Raziel assists with this technique.

    This technique is very similar to previous technique Energy Ball Releasement

    Please have client state the new belief out loud while the new belief is created.

  • AEP 4.6 - Intro to Past Life Healing ...

    Print out for your manual the Basic Steps for Past Life Healing Technique to follow along with this video and the next 2 videos.

    Cindy discusses her belief system around past lives. If you believe there is no such thing as past lives, then please know you can choose to stop from doing this techn...

  • AEP 4.7 - Past Life Healing Technique...