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Up Next in Angel Empowerment Practitioner Online Certification Course with Cindy Smith

  • AEP 3.7 - How To Do Card Readings - P...

    Going More In Depth With Doing A Card Reading
    (only start this after you have finished your first practice reading)
    In this segment Cindy discusses what you do when a client wants to ask questions about someone else. She shows how you can use a Pendulum in working with the Angels. She discusses o...

  • AEP 3.8 Card Readings Difficult Quest...

    Card Readings Difficult Questions
    In this segment Cindy discusses how to deal with some of the questions she perceives to be difficult questions from clients.

    Here are some of the key points to watch for in the video:

    Example – daughter pregnant – how did she present in gentle way
    Protection Me...

  • AEP 3.9 Professional Card Reading Exa...

    Professional Card Reading
    General Card Reading and Direct Questions with Jayena
    In this segment, Cindy demonstrates an actual card reading with Jayena so that you can see the flow of how a reading from start to end. Please note the techniques were recorded which you will watch is Module 4.