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1. Cosmology Matters with Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein

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1. Discovering & Getting to Know Your Soul with Michael Beckwith & Neale Walsch

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  • 1. Cosmology Matters with Gregg Brade...

    Cosmology is the story of the Universe and how it (and eventually we) got here. It’s important because the story we accept regarding our origins has a profound effect on how we live our daily lives. In this first module, Gregg and Nassim will examine some of the breakthrough discoveries in Cosmol...

  • 1: Really Know God with Neale Donald ...

    In this video, Neale will share exactly how to know God is speaking to you in every single moment of your day, and how to tune in to the guidance and comfort that connection has to offer you.

  • Debra Poneman Module 01

    The Power of Living Aligned with Your Truth.
    Listening to your inner voice connects you to an energy that is greater than yourself, an energy that contains more knowledge than your limited reasoning mind, which can often lead you in the wrong direction. Your mind is filled with your accumulated l...