A Taste of Humanity Stream+

A Taste of Humanity Stream+

HUMANITY STREAM+ is the next step in shaping your conscious future & the planetary awakening. When you become a Member of our revolutionary streaming platform filled with enriching, holistic, and nurturing content, you also join a thriving community and resource for people just like you. With hundreds of transformational programs and more being added weekly, the path to your evolutionary growth is endless.

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A Taste of Humanity Stream+
  • The Inner Secret 1-1: Interoception

    Module 1, Video 1:
    Interoception (Stillness)

  • 5 Year Guide - Module 1 - A New World At The Speed Of Love

    A New World At The Speed Of Love: The Foundation For Life, Healing And Innovation

    From climate change to social change, from increasing levels of human conflict to collapsing national economies, it’s heartening to know that we already have the technological solutions to the greatest challenges o...

  • Vibrate to Radiance - Physical Module Part One

  • Shamanic Journey for Unblocking & Protection

    Shamanic Journey for Unblocking and Protection: Creating a Container for Healing and Ascension

    The first of a series of eight shamanic journeys from the book The New Eden: Paradise Retold by Katherine Hall Newburgh, Ph.D. In this meditation, we create a safe, protected container to facilitate de...

  • 1. Finding Light Within

  • The Courage to Change Everything - Module 1 - Welcome

    For bonus exercises, meditations, and ebooks visit https://kendfoster.com/rre-thank-you/

  • Our Conscious (R)evolution Module 1

    What conscious (r)evolution can be and how it empowers our transformational journey to whole-being and a felt experience of belonging with each other, our planetary home Gaia and the whole world.
    Includes invited experience

  • Perfect Perspective 1: The Fruits

  • CF - Module 1 - You are Part of a Cosmic Team

    Coming to understand the field from which all experiences arise and the cosmic forces that unite us makes it possible to consciously engage with all other aspects of consciousness. Everyone you have ever known or loved continues eternally in the field of existence. In this module, Suzanne Giesema...

  • Personal Mandala Making - Module 1 - Introduction

    Meet your instructor, Desiree Holmes Scherini, learn what to expect and why creating personal Mandalas is for you.

  • LQ - Module 7 Masterclass - Transition Celebrations

    Through this final Module you’ll receive the support to celebrate and integrate all you have learned and discovered through this Quest, so you may consciously complete your rite of passage. You’ll be guided through a ceremonial process of celebration and gratitude with the Field of Life, which wi...

  • CM-1. Chasing it Down the Street with James Twyman and Barnet Bain

    In this module, James Twyman and Barnet Bain will explore the nature of creativity, including the differences between small “c” creativity, which has to do with pursuing personal projects within your family and business relationships, as well as creating art in forms such as music, writing, dance...

  • TCE 1 - The Silent Battle for Our Story with Gregg Braden

    In this module, Gregg Braden describes the silent battle that is playing out for the way we think of ourselves — our story. Beyond a philosophical concept, the way we think of ourselves determines how we solve our problems, which relationships we choose, how we heal our bodies and those of our ch...

  • 1. Discovering & Getting to Know Your Soul with Michael Beckwith & Neale Walsch

    Neale and Michael have both led adventurous, meaningful, soul-driven lives. They will share the stories of when they first realized they had a soul and came to understand what it was, what it means to have one, and how they have handled the responsibility and possibility that came with it. They w...

  • 1. Cosmology Matters with Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein

    Cosmology is the story of the Universe and how it (and eventually we) got here. It’s important because the story we accept regarding our origins has a profound effect on how we live our daily lives. In this first module, Gregg and Nassim will examine some of the breakthrough discoveries in Cosmol...

  • 1: Really Know God with Neale Donald Walsch

    In this video, Neale will share exactly how to know God is speaking to you in every single moment of your day, and how to tune in to the guidance and comfort that connection has to offer you.

  • Debra Poneman Module 01

    The Power of Living Aligned with Your Truth.
    Listening to your inner voice connects you to an energy that is greater than yourself, an energy that contains more knowledge than your limited reasoning mind, which can often lead you in the wrong direction. Your mind is filled with your accumulated l...

  • Higher Love Module 01

    Few of us are newbies to personal development. Yet in spite of all our good efforts, many of us still find ourselves face to face with repetitive and disappointing dynamics that are clearly tied to the relational traumas of the past.

    In this session, you will be introduced to the radically refre...

  • 1: Awakening with Michael B Beckwith

    In this module, Michael will bring you to an awareness that your suffering is due to a culturally created inability to see Reality, where you are living in a dream of separation from The Eternal and living in a world too small for who you truly are.

    You will discover how to…
    Transcend false b...

  • 1: Old 20th Century Science: Limitation with Bruce Lipton

    Bruce explores how the science community’s acceptance of the theories of Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin have held us back in our development as a species, and how you can begin to overcome those deep-rooted limitations as they exist inside your consciousness.

  • 1: Mysticism and the Power of Awe with Matthew Fox

    In this module, Matthew will teach you how to…
    Embrace the reality that awe is the starting point for our mystical lives, and also our return point when we need refreshment and recharging

    Recover your sense of awe and better understand its necessary presence in the depths of your consciousness

  • 1: Stillness and Movement with Thomas Hübl

    In this module, Thomas will give you an overview of how to be in a state of flow and interconnectedness, balancing the stillness that is your essence, or soul, with the movement that is your creative expression and participation in the world. When your inner and outer worlds are synchronized and ...

  • 1: Tap into the Power of Primal Evolutionary Impulse with Barbara Marx Hubbard

    In this fun first session, Barbara sets intentions for the program, leads participants through a connective exercise, and answers questions about the Deep Self-Evolution journey ahead.


    Presented by Steve Farrell, Worldwide Executive Director, Humanity’s Team
    Lessons 1 - 4
    Learn about:
    The unprecedented value proposition inherent in the “third wave” of conscious business.
    How businesses aligned with Oneness create prosperity on many levels and for all.
    The four P’s that are foun...