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Up Next in Unlock Your Real Super Power - 5 Natural Faculties of Mind with Dianne Collins

  • SP-8 Master the Manifesting Power of ...

    What we Resonate we emanate, and what we emanate, we attract. Creation is vibration. What we manifest in life is closely associated with what we Resonate. We can use our faculty of Resonance when we want to shift and change.
    • Intent generates our personal Resonance
    • How the meanings we give our...

  • SP-9 Strengthen Your Faculty of Medit...

    Meditation is more than just a spiritual or relaxation practice; it is a natural faculty of Mind that is essential for the effectiveness of the other 4 natural faculties of mind. It is wise to expand your relationship with your Meditative faculty.
    • The many names for the ultimate state
    • Message...

  • SP-10 Bonus Lesson: Make Your Mind Yo...

    The most intimate relationship we have is with our very own Mind. Therefore, it is truly a wonderful idea to Make Your Mind Your Friend!
    • The gift of Mind -- your creative faculty
    • Why it's important to Make Your Mind Your Friend
    • How to Make Your Mind Your Friend - 3 ways
    • Understanding thin...