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Up Next in Global Oneness Summit 2022: Birthing a New World

  • Thriving Through the Labor Pains of B...

    The panel will explore:
    Why change often comes with some discomfort, and why the body of humanity is going through major changes as we leave behind old patterns and birth a new way of living in awareness of our innate interconnectedness
    How the physical process of giving birth known as “labor” c...

  • Consciousness Work in the Fortune 100...

    This business panel will explore:
    How to find transformational angles to facilitate conscious change
    What is required today to impact change of untenable systems, even as we are part of a big organizational machine
    How leaders of any size business can accelerate meaningful change

  • Spiritual Activism

    This presentation will explore:
    Timothy Noe will share how we can reframe the concept of Perfection to benefit ourself and the world around us. You will learn how to redefine Perfection to make it healthy rather than limiting, and how you can begin to resolve all the problems in your life by a s...