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Module 5 - Achieving Spiritual Health Here and Now

Unlocking the Intelligence of the Afterlife

Up Next in Unlocking the Intelligence of the Afterlife

  • Module 6 - The Binding Force of Love

    NDEs are often associated with extraordinary and unexpected healing, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental, because ultimately, all true healing is spiritual, related to our sense of a loving connection and shared purpose with the universe. At the very core of NDEs across all cultures, mil...

  • Module 7 - Resonance of The Soul

    How do we recognize our soul group members in the spiritual realm? How do psychic mediums take as little information as just a first name and somehow obtain meaningful psychic information from the spiritual realm? The principle of resonance, or information pattern matching, seems to play a deep r...

  • Module 8 - Generating Personal Experi...

    The purpose of the personal and scientific evidence presented in the first seven modules of this Masterclass is to help you generate your own personal experiences concerning the reality of your soul and your spiritual connection to the universe, and to observe the evidence that arises for yoursel...