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Up Next in Unlock Your Real Super Power - 5 Natural Faculties of Mind with Dianne Collins

  • SP-3 What It Means to Master Your Min...

    Mastery of the Mind is not "control" -- it is being in command of your state.
    • What is "mind" and why mastery of the mind is so important
    • The paradox: your mind is your life and you are not your mind
    • Creating by "default" or consciously
    • What is a quantum leap?

  • SP-4 Create A Quantum Mind Shift with...

    A Quantum Mind Shift that frees you from limiting thoughts -- forever.
    • Create a new relationship with your thoughts
    • The "thought-o-sphere"
    • The myth of choice
    • What is a "Least-action Pathway"?
    • How to put yourself in an awakened state of awareness

  • SP-5 Master The Dynamic of Intent wit...

    Everything you ever want to create begins with Intent, consciously generated.
    Intent is the central dynamic of creation we have been granted by human birth.
    Doesn't it make sense to learn to master it?
    • Important distinction between Intent and Intention
    • How to have "a good hair day"
    • Why your...