The Art & Science of Living Consciously with Neale Donald Walsch & Steve Farrell

The Art & Science of Living Consciously with Neale Donald Walsch & Steve Farrell

In this Masterclass you will receive the training you need to become one of those conscious firefighters, and to then train those around you to become conscious firefighters, too.

This is what is needed in our world more than anything else at this moment in history unfolding. In coming together with this common goal, we will elevate conscious living as “the thing” that sets us on our individual and collective paths to a sustainable and flourishing future.

It is time for all of us who are willing and able to step forward, to become trained and to then train others so we may lead the rest of us to the better future that is possible for the whole of humanity.
You’ll discover…

~ Why the mission to save the planet we all share is inseparable from your own personal spiritual journey
~ How to fully align yourself in thought, word and deed, through awareness, honesty and responsibility, raising your energetic vibration to its highest level
~ Why the best way to fully awaken yourself is to help awaken another
~ How to literally access to the whole of the limitless power of God/the Universe
~ How to shift the way you think, speak and act in your day-to-day experience, sharing your process, your successes and your challenges truthfully and humbly
~ Why the feelings of separation and division in our world are the foundational cause of our obsession with violence, and how once we move away from our deep belief in separation, the violence will end
~ How the concept of ownership is the cause of so many of the problems in our world, and how to engage the practices of sharing and stewardship instead
~ How God empowers you to achieve anything you wish, and how you can experience the power of the Divine as part of the omnipresence, omniscience and the omnipotence of all things
~ Why when you awaken to the pure truth of your Oneness you are no longer drawn to compete against others in any way
~ Why it’s important for you to have compassion for yourself, the Earth, the Universe, and everything, and why you must move beyond experiences that keep you at a lower level of awareness
~ How accelerating our conscious journey leads to less stress and worry, and more grace and ease in your life
~ How to avoid entertaining unproductive negative thoughts and quickly expel those negative thoughts from your mind anytime they do happen to arise
~ Why we should not mourn the deaths of others or fear our own deaths, understanding that our foundational nature as part of the Oneness that is the Universe means we never really die

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The Art & Science of Living Consciously with Neale Donald Walsch & Steve Farrell