Seeds for Your Soul: A Life Beyond Happy with Debra Poneman

Seeds for Your Soul: A Life Beyond Happy with Debra Poneman

Would you like to be a clear channel for Divine Grace and Guidance to flow?
Would you like to be in a place where you effortless and spontaneously hear and trust your inner guidance?
With this powerful system you will receive every tool you need to have certainty about why you are here.
You will learn how to have direct access to the Knowledge you desire to live your life in alignment with your highest good – and manifest whatever dreams live inside of you.

It’s As Simple As Planting a Seed

One of Debra’s gifts is her ability to show you how to plant the right seed in your soul at just the right time. Many thousands of people from every corner of the world say that it is Debra's guidance that, for the last 30+ years, was the catalyst for their success and happiness.
In the 1980’s she planted the seeds that enabled her students to become some of today’s most successful transformational leaders, best-selling authors, masters of business, millionaires and even billionaires.
It is now 2022. The energy on our planet has changed. Our definition of success and fulfillment has changed.
And manifesting your dreams, material or spiritual, has become much, much simpler.
All that is needed is a new seed - and the harvest will be more abundant than anything
you can even imagine.

Seeds for Your Soul: A Life Beyond Happy with Debra Poneman
  • SEEDS - Module 1 - What Seeds are You Nurturing? with Debra Poneman

    In this module Debra shares the fascinating story of her transformation from meditating 8 - 10 hours a day for months at a time to teaching success to tens of thousands around the world and why making spiritual Enlightenment a goal will lead...

  • SEEDS - Module 2 - Obstacles: A Gift to You from the Creator with Debra Poneman

    We live in a benevolent universe and are never given a challenge without being given everything we need to make it through. In fact obstacles are put in our path solely for our personal growth towards Self-realization. In this module, Debra shares how you know that the obstacles are exactly what...

  • SEEDS - Module 3 - The Temple of Your (Light) Body with Debra Poneman

    We have entered a time when our helpers in unseen realms will be communicating with us more and more. We need to work in conjunction with them. The higher the frequency at which we vibrate, the purer the transmissions will be. There are many things we can do to raise our vibration and one is to...

  • SEEDS - Module 4 - Your Role on Planet Earth with Debra Poneman

    Why are you really here? You know that it’s not for the fulfillment of material desires or fame or fortune or to be simply happy. But is it to finish unfinished business from your last incarnation? Is it to use the gifts and talents you were give in this lifetime? Is it to help make the world ...

  • SEEDS - Module 5 - The End of Fear and the Beginning of Love with Debra Poneman

    A Course in Miracles says, “What is not love is always fear and nothing else,” and that the ego is certain that love is dangerous. In this module, quoting the work of some of the greatest spiritual Masters, Debra shares how to unblock the barriers to loving yourself and then effortlessly opening...

  • SEEDS - Module 6 - The Journey Home to a Life Beyond Happy with Debra Poneman

    In this module we ask the question, “Can we accelerate our path to Self-Realization or do we just surrender to the timetable of the Divine?” Debra shares that there is no way to really know but suggests that we still make use of the power we have to make choices at every moment that either bring ...

  • "Staff Pick" Watch Party Discussion for Seeds for Your Soul

    "Staff Pick" Watch Party Discussion for Debra Poneman's Seeds for Your Soul recorded 3-22-2022, hosted by Andy Gustke