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Introduction to Revealing Your Purpose.

Revealing Your Purpose - Cynthia James • 1m 58s

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  • 1. Reconnecting With Passion

    Module 1:  RECONNECTING WITH PASSION – There are things within you that ignite you and make you feel alive. Things that light you up.  We want to access those passions and bring them to life.

    Module Video One – Reconnecting with Passion
    Welcome.  Class one is about IGNITING PASSION AND VISION.  ...

  • 2. Setting A Powerful Intention

    Module 2:  SETTING A POWERFUL INTENTION  Clarity of intention opens the field of possibilities.  Then, nourishing that intention allows it to grow and flourish into manifest form.

    Class Video Two – Setting Powerful Intentions

    Hello, in this video, we are going to look at intention.  There is a...

  • 3. The Clearing Template


    It is essential to clear out anything that is in the way of your passion emerging.  That means closets, drawers and sometimes people. This can be a little more challenging because some people in our lives don’t want us to change.  We will...