Plan BE: Creating Authentic Success with Peter Matthies

Plan BE: Creating Authentic Success with Peter Matthies

“Plan BE: Creating Authentic Success” provides you with a pathway to expand into who you’re here to BE, and to create more wholesome success.

This course is based on the international bestseller “Plan BE: A Professional’s Guide to Authentic Success”. We encourage participants to pick up the book to deepen the course content. More information at

What You’ll Learn:
- Discover why our current model of success isn’t designed to make you happy – and how to shift to an alternative model
- Access your authentic power – who you’re here to BE during this lifetime
- Learn how to bring your purpose into the world
- Understand how you can reduce stress and live by the new success model
- Create a work and life that’s not driven by DOing more all the time but by expanding into your Being.

About this course:
- Leading Conscious Business principles used by over 60,000 professionals in 172 countries
- 4.5 average star rating (that's pretty solid)
- Your starting point on your journey to Conscious Leadership

Take a Breath! This Course Is Your Guide To Help You Succeed Without Constantly Needing to Push Ahead & Work Harder.
In this course, you'll learn the principles of the Plan BE book. I developed this course with my heart and soul and truly hope it will make a lasting positive impact in your life.

Who this Course is for:
- Individuals who know deep down that there’s a more inspiring and life-giving way to work and do business
- Entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to build more inspiring business cultures
- Coaches and facilitators who want to bring more inspiring business practices into the world
- Readers of Plan BE: A Professional's Guide to Authentic Success

Peter Matthies is a former Venture Capitalist, software entrepreneur, and founder of the Conscious Business Institute (CBI). Before founding CBI, Peter was a Principal for a globally leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firm, Apax Partners, and for b-business partners, a $1 billion pan-European VC fund.

The Conscious Business Institute provides a measurable, scalable, academically validated system for transforming organizations of any size. CBI’s approaches have been applied by more than 40,000 professionals in organizations from 1 to 150,000 employees, including Starbucks, BMW Group, Siemens, Alllianz, Intel, and others.

Peter co-founded two IT companies and published several dozen articles on business, leadership, martial arts, and technology. He’s a fellow of the World Business Academy, member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and is on the board of several organizations.

He lives in Santa Barbara and gets a kick out of Aikido, Capoeira, sailing, and a good dance with his wife.

- "The program has been instrumental in changing my whole view of life and the way in which I approach challenge and adversity. I firmly believe that if more people were to apply these approaches, this world would be a better place to live and work in." -- Z.M., Twitter

- “I am a totally different person from before we started the program in terms of confidence, leadership, empowerment, and clarity. The program was a paradigm shift for me – I feel so different – I don’t know what to say.” Delek Miller, California

- “Wow, thank you so much. I‘m speechless! I have no idea how this works but it astonishingly does. And it is so touching. Thanks for this really inspirational course. Anja Kniess, Hamburg

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Plan BE: Creating Authentic Success with Peter Matthies