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Our Conscious (R)evolution - Module 2

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  • Our Conscious (R)evolution - Module 2

    Our Universe – how scientific breakthroughs are converging with universal wisdom teachings to reveal that our entire Universe is a conscious, evolving and nonlocally unified entity. And vitally, that it meaningfully and purposefully embodies an evolutionary impulse from simplicity to complexity a...

  • Our Conscious (R)evolution - Module 3

    Our Planet – how leading-edge science is also showing that our planetary home Gaia is a conscious and multi-dimensional entity and how her evolutionary story throughout the collaborative relationships throughout her entire ‘gaiasphere’ and over more than four billion years has led to us.

  • Our Conscious (R)evolution - Module 4

    Us – how our conscious evolution has brought us to a pivotal moment of choice, here and now and our opportunity to further evolve our personal consciousness to transpersonal awareness and embodiment. By activating the Universoul Heart (8th chakra) and deeper connection with the sentience of Gaia ...