Mystical Journeys Beyond Your Five Senses

Mystical Journeys Beyond Your Five Senses

Each module of the Masterclass will be taught by a different renowned spiritual teacher, who will take you on a mystical journey into a unique spiritual phenomenon: angels, spirit animals, the goddess, nature, the akashic records, signs, the witch archetype, sound, and talking to God.

There are three videos from each luminary, the first focusing on their leading-edge spiritual teaching, the second on their personal experiences with one of those spiritual phenomena, and the third sharing practical tools and techniques you can use to invite these kinds of deeper experiences into your own life.

In each approximately 60-minute module of the “Mystical Journeys Beyond Your Five Senses” Masterclass, you will…

Learn about the specific spiritual phenomenon and the ways it can appear in your life

Receive invaluable insights and wisdom about the phenomenon that will further open you to its benefits

Hear the story of each teacher’s true mystical experience

Learn a practice the teacher uses themselves that you can use anytime to engage with the mystical and deepen your experience of your life

Feel confident to apply what you’ve learned in each module to profoundly uplift your own life, as well as humanity as a whole in tangible ways.

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Mystical Journeys Beyond Your Five Senses