Moments of Inspiration with Pete Smith

Moments of Inspiration with Pete Smith

Welcome to ‘Moments of Inspiration’ – a ten-day journey into purpose.
You will need access to the program and a journal to record your thoughts.
Watch a video each day, first thing in the morning.
Answer three questions, in a journal you keep:
1. What resonates for me in the message?
2. What does this mean for the day ahead?
3. What is one thing I will do today, that brings this to life for me and those around me?

At the end of the day, write in your journal how that went and one thing you learned.

After ten days, ask three questions:
1. How am I different now?
2. What is possible now that wasn’t before?
3. What is the role I wish to play for the world?

Enjoy the program, it is simple and powerful. The world needs you and the ripple effect you bring to the evolution of consciousness.

Thank you for being who you are!

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Moments of Inspiration with Pete Smith