Inspired Entrepreneur with Josette Tkacik

Inspired Entrepreneur with Josette Tkacik

Are you a visionary leader aiming to make a significant impact in the world? Do you know you have a deeper purpose but just are not sure how to create a profitable business from that purpose? The "Inspired Entrepreneur" course is designed just for you — the conscious/impact based entrepreneur who's not just chasing profits but purpose. With expertly crafted modules, you will lay a solid foundation for your business, learn the art of effective branding, and develop a unique selling proposition that makes your offer irresistible. We go beyond the basics by diving deep into selling with integrity, mastering marketing, and building a community that shares your vision. Learn how to position your pricing effectively and maintain a presence that resonates with frequency and consistency. This course isn't just an investment in your business; it's an investment in a movement. Join us and transform your entrepreneurial aspirations into a force for positive change!

The "Inspired Entrepreneur" course is a transformative journey for impact-based leaders seeking to create businesses that reflect their values and vision. It begins with welcoming aspiring entrepreneurs into a world where business meets consciousness.

Lesson 1: Building a Solid Foundation - Establish the bedrock of your entrepreneurial venture with proven strategies for long-term success.
Lesson 2: Effective Branding - Craft a brand identity that speaks directly to the heart of your clientele and stands out in the market.
Lesson 3: Your Unique Selling Proposition - Define what sets you apart from the competition and how to communicate that effectively.
Lesson 4: Your Ideal Customer - Identify and connect with the customer whose values align with your mission.
Module 5: Selling with Integrity - Embrace ethical sales techniques that foster trust and loyalty without compromising your principles.
Module 6: MARKETING, Baby! - Deploy cutting-edge marketing strategies that are as impactful as they are innovative.
Module 7: Community Building - Create a tribe that supports and amplifies your message, turning customers into advocates.
Module 8: Price Point and Positioning - Learn how to set and present your prices in a way that reflects the value you provide and supports your brand's ethos.
Module 9: Presence and Frequency - Maintain a dynamic presence in your industry and communicate with your audience in a way that keeps you on their radar and in their hearts.

Josette is globally recognized as a the world's most successful Zumba Instructor, a business she created while successfully reversing advanced Autoimmune disease. Former professional dancer (Joffery Ballet, Julliard School), Josette combines quantum healing energy with her unmatched ability to connect with dance. She has evolved into a guide for those healing, a lighthouse and a powerhouse in heart led business and self-empowerment. She is considered an expert in Field in Quantum and Natural Healing; Heart Led Business strategies and serves as an expert on the four pillars of wellness and Law of attraction. Josette was declared a Medical Miracle (No Evidence of Disease) for healing Rheumatoid Arthritis without meds.

She has graced the stage at the Staples Center, teaching heart led business Strategies for the Zumba Corporation as well as Orange County Convention Center as the Keynote
speaker for Zumba International Convention (over 10,000 attendees). She continues to teach her highly successful dance fitness class, now 12 years running to crowds in the hundreds in Santa Barbara. Josette has significant assets including:

24k Followers on Instagram with high engagement
15k Followers Facebook
Top 3 Motivational Author
Named a Santa Barbara Hero
Named a Zumba Hero
Declared Medical Miracle
Keynote Speaker at Zumba Convention 2013 and 2016
Panel speaker Quantum Miracles I II and III (with Jack Canfield, Don Miguel Ruiz, Lynn McTaggert and Dr. Bruce Lipton)
Subject of Zumba Documentary
Subject of NPR interview for ZUMBA
Subject of END/PAIN Documentary
Congressional Award Recipient
ADVISORY BOARD member UCSB Women in Leadership
Has appeared on over 30 Podcasts and Interviews
Has Celebrity following
Named Best Zumba Instructor by

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Inspired Entrepreneur with Josette Tkacik