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6-12-2024 - HT Live Event - Charles Eisenstein

Humanity's Team Live Events • 1h 2m


  • 6-5-2024 - HT Live Event - Pamala Oslie

    about 2 months ago

    Join Humanity's Team Live Event host Charissa Sims and author, aura expert, and renowned psychic intuitive Pamala Oslie as they travel down the rabbit hole of quantum physics, parallel universes, aura colors, telekinesis and much more in an unforgettable discussion of the once-thought impossible ...

  • 5-29-2024 - HT Live Event - Lion Goodman

    about 2 months ago

    Join Humanity's Team for an empowering live interview on Wednesday, May 29thh at 9 am Pacific | 12 pm Eastern. Host Charissa Sims will interview special guest Lion Goodman, PCC, and discuss "Creating on Purpose," a transformational program created by Lion Goodman and world-renowned teacher Anodea...

  • 5-22-2024 - HT Live Event - Sarah Wu

    2 months ago

    Join host Charissa Sims and friendly Village Witch Sarah Wu as they delve into Sarah’s amazingly diverse background which includes being a representative for Mother Nature in the areas of ecology, permaculture, and herbalism via her many roles as teacher, curator, mentor, herbalist, and facilitat...