Global Oneness Summit 2022: Birthing a New World

Global Oneness Summit 2022: Birthing a New World

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Global Oneness Summit 2022: Birthing a New World
  • Connecting Hearts with the Power of the Lovetuner

    This Relationships panel will explore:
    The hows and whys of the Lovetuner’s magical healing power of the 528hz frequency
    How heart coherence – the unity of the heart and the brain – benefits both our physical and mental health
    How when we tune together, we generate a universal field of love and u...

  • This Listening Fire

    This Musical Performance will explore:
    How experiencing inspirational performances connects us to each other at a foundational level
    How sharing unique listening content for heart/soul coherence and inner peace actually works
    Vibrational intelligence and why it's essential for our times

  • Towards a Partnership Ecological Civilization - Illuminating the Challenges

    The panel will explore:
    What an "Ecological Civilization" is and how it can be achieved on a global scale
    What "Partnership Consciousness" is and how can we wake up from the domination trance, becoming active agents of cultural transformation moving from domination to partnership
    How we can bui...

  • Intuitive Intelligence: The Keys to Accessing Superconsciousness

    The panel will explore:
    The different types of intuitive intelligence and how to best use them in your life for greater success
    How to understand and identify the unique way your intuitive intelligence operates
    Practices and tools for accessing superconsciousness on demand

  • Global Oneness Summit LIVE with Rasha hosted by Debra Poneman

  • A Special Message from Lynne Twist

  • Journey to our Origins: a Women’s Initiation at Lake Titicaca

    This video will explore:
    The power of sacred places to enhance our experience of our lives
    An ancient transmission of origin and initiation of Womanhood

  • I Love Therefore I Am, the Ancient Wisdom of Sophia the Great Mother

    This video will explore:
    Discover the Great Mystery and Magic of Sophia with visual art.Universes open with we dare to love again.
    Explore the love of wisdom and life that seeks intimate truth and intimate knowing.
    Enliven your innate knowing of worthiness and holiness on the path of sacred rel...

  • The New Paradigm of Business For Good

    This panel will explore:
    The momentum and challenges of the business for good movement
    The new definition of success
    The role of women and the feminine in this new era for business

  • Music - The Great Connector

    This Music presentation will explore:
    Why music is the universal language of the soul that has the power to connect us to ourselves and to each other
    The ways music transcends the boundaries of culture, politics and religion to connect us at the heart
    How stories and songs can remind us that the ...

  • Empowering and Honoring Youth To Create a New World

    This panel will explore:
    The reality the youth in our world are currently faced with
    How we as individuals can better support and empower the youth in our communities
    The projects/processes that are being developed that will offer the kinds of support these youths and their families need

  • Inner Ecology

    This interview will explore:
    Dr. Shiva's inspiring journey to founding Navdanya, a women-led movement to defend seed and food sovereignty of small farmers.
    How the soil microbiome, our gut microbiomes, and our thoughts are more connected than we realize.
    What the ancient Indian science of Ayurve...

  • Pay Attention When the Universe Whispers

    This presentation will explore:
    How birthing a new world begins with remaining present and connected with your higher self and your team of non-physical helpers in the higher realms.
    A quick and easy practice called “Looking for Snags” that delivers meaningful messages moment by moment from those...

  • How to Shift from Living to Conscious Living

    This panel will explore:
    The tools and strategies that support a shift into greater embodied power and purpose, stabilizing us in a complex, rapidly changing world.
    Roadmaps that will help move you from survival-based living to conscious living -- living in fulfillment.
    How we birth a new world ...

  • Prophecies, Dynamic Change, and a New Global Civilization

    This panel will explore:
    Why women are the future and what men must learn from them
    Why indigenous peoples from around the world are becoming more unified than they have ever been as they see their prophecies coming true
    The challenges of the great spiritual winter that is coming and the great ...

  • "Teeming" up with Nature for Global Prosperity

    This panel will explore:
    How we can align with nature’s solutions to build a culture conducive to life
    Applying the Teeming principles of shared identity, resource stewardship, swarm creativity, upcycling, and collective intelligence to promote eco-governance
    How Elinor Ostrom's “8 Rules for Mana...

  • Eco-Governance and the Vitality Codes

    The panel will explore:
    Eco-Governance as an innovative framework for organizing ourselves as one humanity for the benefit of all of Life
    The proposal for a World Water Law as a whole-system intervention for rapid and radical whole-system healing
    How to apply Nature's Vitality Code for thrivin...

  • Courage - The Way to Evolution

    This Business presentation will explore:
    How you can utilize the power of courage to manifest your dreams
    The 5 Keys to generate lasting health, wealth, and fulfillment
    How to reinvent your relationship with courage

  • Global Oneness Summit LIVE with Jude Currivan, Jennifer Hill, and Julie Kroll

  • Embodying an Impulse to Consciously Evolve: Our Universe, Our Planet and Us

    The panel will explore:
    How an emergent cosmology of a conscious and evolutionary Universe is revealing that it embodies an impulse to purposefully evolve – from simplicity to complexity and diversity, and ever-greater levels of individuated and collective self-awareness
    How, on a planetary scal...

  • Unitive Narrative: Is Cooperative Consciousness the Answer?

    The panel will explore:
    The realization that mind and consciousness are not something we have, but rather what we and the whole world fundamentally are
    The power of the unitive perspective to cut through all the “noise” and instantly connect us with who we are at our core – One
    How to try on a ...

  • Gaia's Love Song

    This presentation will explore:
    Teachings on the five C's of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition shamanic ceremony (Communion, Consecration, Composition, Connection, Cooperation) and their role in helping restore sacred trust between humankind and the natural world.
    A meditation on awakening life-regenera...

  • Thriving Through the Labor Pains of Birthing a New World

    The panel will explore:
    Why change often comes with some discomfort, and why the body of humanity is going through major changes as we leave behind old patterns and birth a new way of living in awareness of our innate interconnectedness
    How the physical process of giving birth known as “labor” c...

  • Consciousness Work in the Fortune 100 World

    This business panel will explore:
    How to find transformational angles to facilitate conscious change
    What is required today to impact change of untenable systems, even as we are part of a big organizational machine
    How leaders of any size business can accelerate meaningful change