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Up Next in Global Oneness Summit 2022: Birthing a New World

  • Birthing A New Earth by Illuminating ...

    The conversation will explore:
    What really is a "soul”?
    What modalities we use to illuminate our souls?
    Why are we so divided? Why don’t we see each other as soul beings and not judge by the color of our skin but rather the radiance of our souls?

  • How our Relationship with Animals Aff...

    The panel will explore:
    How the way we relate to others affects our own consciousness
    Why, despite the fact that many of the “others” to whom we relate are animals, but our relationship with animals is almost never talked about by spiritual teachers and practitioners
    How the way we relate to an...

  • Soulful Money, Love and Peace. A Comm...

    During this one-on-one Business interview will explore:
    Key insights for creating a committed life of Oneness
    The “Sofia Century” and feminine leadership
    How focusing on the soul of money can help you to find more love and joy