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Up Next in Global Oneness Summit 2022: Birthing a New World

  • Connecting Hearts with the Power of t...

    This Relationships panel will explore:
    The hows and whys of the Lovetuner’s magical healing power of the 528hz frequency
    How heart coherence – the unity of the heart and the brain – benefits both our physical and mental health
    How when we tune together, we generate a universal field of love and u...

  • This Listening Fire

    This Musical Performance will explore:
    How experiencing inspirational performances connects us to each other at a foundational level
    How sharing unique listening content for heart/soul coherence and inner peace actually works
    Vibrational intelligence and why it's essential for our times

  • Towards a Partnership Ecological Civi...

    The panel will explore:
    What an "Ecological Civilization" is and how it can be achieved on a global scale
    What "Partnership Consciousness" is and how can we wake up from the domination trance, becoming active agents of cultural transformation moving from domination to partnership
    How we can bui...