Global Oneness Summit 2021: Opening to Your Universal Self

Global Oneness Summit 2021: Opening to Your Universal Self

At the highest level of knowing, there is no separation between anyone or anything.

We all are unique emanations of the Divine—or you might use the terms The One, Cosmos, Source, Universe, or the Field.

And while you’ve likely understood this for years as you’ve pursued living consciously, there are now groundbreaking scientific discoveries that actually affirm this Truth.

This year’s Summit will examine these new scientific findings and their ramifications, as well as what it means for us to open to our Universal Selves in order to create a path forward for humanity and a more sustainable, equitable, and thriving world.

You can probably even sense the remarkable opportunity we have right now to generate changes that could improve the lives of everyone in the world for generations to come…

As life is yet again inviting you to open to your Universal Self and bring your particular genius to the world.

How will you respond?

Global Oneness Summit 2021: Opening to Your Universal Self
  • Secret Scientific Discoveries that are Changing Everything with Nassim Haramein


  • Secret Scientific Discoveries that are Changing Everything with Gregg Braden

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - AM Shout Out Love

    For our first “Horton Hears a Who” moment for humanity, we’ll hear from a few of our esteemed luminary guests starting at 8:30 Pacific, and then count down to the top of the hour at 9:00 A.M. Pacific when we’ll all shout our Love to the sky and anyone else in earshot.

    Brian Christopher Ha...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - The Science of Evolution

    Featuring Special Guests: Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein.
    Host: Steve Farrell

    The Science and Ancient Wisdom affirming our Oneness with the Universe and each other.
    Our New Story, and how it reveals we are not who we thought we were and we have vast human potentials that we are only beginning ...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Authentic Voices of the Feminine

    Featuring Special Guests: Dr. Sue Morter, Arielle Ford & Tina Lifford
    Host: Cynthia James

    The “Authentic Voices of the Feminine” panel will discuss:

    The importance of the essential nature of the voice of women today.
    Honoring the evolution and reinvention of the authentic self.
    How the rise o...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - The Voice of Universal Self

    Featuring Special Guests: Neale Donald Walsch & Lisa Nichols. Host: Steve Farrell

    The “Voice of Universal Self ” panel will explore:

    How we can live Universal Self fully in our daily lives.
    How to recognize “voice” and know if it’s the voice of guidance or of something else.
    Steps we can take t...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Relationships As A Path Of Awakening

    Featuring Special Guests: Marci Shimoff & Sergio Baroni, Geneen Roth & Matt Weinstein, Anita Sanchez & Kit Tennis
    Hosts: Carl Studna & Cynthia James

    The “Relationships As A Path Of Awakening” panel will explore:

    How to support and maintain a conscious partnership that fosters unity, expansion a...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Experiencing the Universal Self

    Featuring Special Guest: Dr. Tony Nader.
    Host: Debra Poneman

    During this interview, Dr. Nader will share:
    Why opening to the Universal Self is not just philosophical but something we can all directly experience on a regular basis.
    Evidence that this experience of unbounded awareness can be measu...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Tales of Synergy from the Magic Canoe

    Featuring Special Guests: Ben Bowler, Becky Suzik, Anna-Marie Voorhoeve, Dr. Kurt Johnson, John SSentamu, and Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.
    Host: Jon Ramer

    The “Tales of Synergy from the Magic Canoe” panel will discuss:

    A multiplayer, immersive, storytelling, infinite game, digital publicati...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Reclaiming Feminine Archetypes

    Featuring Special Guests: Dr. Jude Currivan, Tricia McCannon, Dr. Joanna Kujawa, and Karuna
    Introduced by Dr. Kurt Johnson and facilitated by Ariel Patricia

    The “Reclaiming Feminine Archetypes” panel will explore:

    Why reclaiming female archetypes is vital to the healing and integration of our ...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Becoming Your Universal Self

    Featuring Special Guests: Michael B. Beckwith and Steve Farrell
    Hosted by Dee Meyer

    The “Becoming and Expressing Your Universal Self” panel will explore:

    How to open to our Universal Self or Divine Expression.
    Daily practices for remaining in a high-connection state.
    How to connect with our So...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - From Symptoms to Root Causes

    Featuring Special Guests: Robert Schram, Sarah McCrum, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Richard Osmaston, Gabor Kiss & Dr. Jude Currivan
    Host: Kurt Johnson

    The “From Symptoms to Root Causes: How People in Business Can Lead Global Transformation” panel will explore:

    How we can reduce the imaginary border...

  • G1 Summit 2021 - The Power of Intention to Heal the Past and Mend the Future

    Featuring Special Guests: Lynne McTaggart
    Host: Adam C. Hall

    A one-on-one interview with Adam C. Hall and Lynne McTaggart

    The “Power of Intention to Heal the Past and Mend the Future” discussion will explore:

    The benefits of giving and receiving intention and how collective intention creates ...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Prior Unity and the Oneness of our Human Family

    Featuring Special Guests: Dr. Samuel Lee M.D., Grandmother Ejna Jean Fleury & Diane Longboat
    Host: Chief Phil Lane Jr.

    The “Prior Unity and the Oneness of our Human Family And All Life” panel will explore:

    How the Oneness of the Human family is a spiritual truth that the human sciences confirm...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Conscious Parenting

    Featuring Special Guests: Raageshwari Loomba, Andrew Newman, & Jacqueline Way
    Host: Lina Ashar

    The “Conscious Parenting” panel will explore:

    What it means to be more conscious and why it is key that we begin with our children.
    Aspects of and techniques for parenting consciously, even among out...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Living our Evolutionary Potential of Oneness

    Featuring Special Guests: Chloe Goodchild, Julie Krull, Emanuel Kuntzelman, Michael Lindfield, and Anne-Marie Voorhoeve
    Host: Dr. Jude Currivan

    The “Living our Evolutionary Potential of Oneness” panel will explore three profound and timely questions:

    How did you come in your life’s journey to ...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Cosmic Awareness from Near-Death Experiencers

    Featuring Special Guests: Peter Anthony, Jeffery Olsen, and Tricia Barker
    Host: Karen Noé

    The “Cosmic Awareness from Near-Death Experiencers” panel will explore:

    Experiences of near-death and coming back to share visions for a better world.
    The wisdom they received after they left their physic...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - The Holomovement

    Featuring Special Guests: Terry Patten, Jude Currivan, Jill Robinson, and Masen Ewald
    Host: Emanuel Kuntzelman

    The “Holomovement As Crucible of Convergence For the Cosmic Self” panel will explore:

    The core principles of the Holomovement and how we can participate and become part of the solutio...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Prosocial Spirituality

    Featuring Special Guests: David Sloan Wilson, Paul Atkins, Jeff Genung, Rev. Diane Burk, & Kate Sheehan Roach
    Host: Kurt Johnson

    The “Prosocial Spirituality” discussion will explore:

    What is “Prosocial Spirituality” and where did it come from?
    How does “Prosocial Spirituality” join the cutting ...

  • G1 Summit 2021 - The Social, Spiritual and Economic Impact of Conscious Business

    Featuring Special Guests: Mark Eckhardt, Paul Gyodo, and Drew Weaver
    Host: Marla Riegel

    The “Impact of Conscious Business” panel will explore:

    Turning your passion and purpose into successful conscious enterprises that can serve in a deeper and more meaningful way..
    The triumphs and challenge...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Evolutionary Health

    Featuring Special Guests: Master Sha & Dr. Gabriel Cousens
    Host: Nathan Crane

    The “Evolutionary Health” panel will explore:

    Practices to help us stay connected to the healing energy within.
    Practical solutions for living a healthy, long, and vital life.
    The future of health and healing in our c...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Channeling a Higher Consciousness

    Featuring Special Guests: Patricia Cota-Robles, Peggy Black, and Garnet Schulhauser.
    Host: Karen Noé

    The “Channeling a Higher Consciousness” panel will explore:

    Channeling higher states of consciousness to improve our lives and create peace in the world.
    How we can ALL receive guidance from...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - Love, Biology & Oneness

    Featuring Special Guests: Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs
    Host: Puria Kästele

    This event is a unique interview with Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs, Oracle Girl. In a conversation with Puria Kästele, Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs talks about:

    The mystification of Oneness and why we fail to find it.
    Signs of real Oneness and...

  • Global Oneness Summit 2021 - How Difficulty Can Support the Embodiment

    Featuring Special Guests: John de Ruiter
    Hosted by Puria Kästele

    The “How Difficulty Can Support the Embodiment of Our True Nature” discussion will explore:

    The real depth of inner wellbeing and how difficulty can move us into more love.
    How to be in our deepest heart, what authentic awareness ...