Drops of Wisdom Webinar with Rick Moss and Debra Poneman

Drops of Wisdom Webinar with Rick Moss and Debra Poneman

“Rick is one of the most beautiful, genuine, heartfelt, filled with love, and brilliant people on the planet.” —Debra Poneman

In this webinar, Dr. Rick Moss, author of Drops of Wisdom, Guidance on the Path of Awakening called “a masterpiece of spiritual literature’ by Dr. Bill Little, Director of the Center for Spiritual Living, has an enlightening conversation with Debra Poneman about his life and work as a spiritual counselor. Poneman is an inspirational speaker and the founder of Yes To Success, Inc.

Dr. Moss discusses Drops of Wisdom, his rich and insightful new book, in which he combines the timeless wisdom of brilliant and enlightened teachers through amazing quotations with his 30 years of experience as an intuitive counselor and international trainer.

Drops of Wisdom is both a Spiritual Manual to positively change one's own life, and a unique and practical workbook to help you go within to find solutions to life's challenges as it focuses. The book focuses on 15 of the most important emotional, psychological and spiritual subjects. Each chapter offers a wealth of practical techniques, informative examples, and unique questionnaires.

In this webinar, you will learn about:
· Dr. Moss’ realization twenty years ago that meditation, although helpful, is not enough to change subconscious patterns, and by itself does not bring about transformation.
· Dr. Moss’ development of a method he calls “Awakening Greatness, a healing and transformational process that helps people release what he calls “the defective mental software” and helps them see their inherent wisdom.
· Dr. Moss’ unique intuitive ability which helps him read the subconscious and allows him to work both in person and over the phone.
· Clearing. In fact, Dr. Moss conducts a Clearing during the webinar and shows how to remove limiting beliefs and retained emotions that restrict our lives and block the experience of our own true self.

Dr. Moss’ work is truly a life changing experience. Testimonials attest to this including this one by Jean Swann, host of The Wisdom Show: “Dr. Moss’s sessions are so transformational and so deeply powerful, that I feel like I have my own personal therapist when I listen to his recordings. These are a must for anyone who wants to clear out subconscious negativity in the most spiritually empowering and nurturing way possible.”

For more information about Dr. Moss and the work he does, visit essentialpathways.com

Drops of Wisdom is available at Amazon.com

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Drops of Wisdom Webinar with Rick Moss and Debra Poneman